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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Council's second Town Hall meeting tonight at Cook School

A series of four Town Hall meetings planned by the Plainfield City Council to seek input from taxpayers, businesses and residents on issues of concern continues tonight with the Second Ward meeting at the Cook School.

While the meetings are being held in each ward over a period of several weeks in the hopes that those interested will find a neighborhood location convenient, all the meetings are open to all regardless of residence and everyone is encouraged to find one at a convenient time and place to participate.

Though the Mayor and members of her leadership team have been invited, no indication was given by the Mayor at Monday's Council meeting whether her team would participate.

The Town Hall meetings continue a tradition begun under the late mayor Al McWilliams, father of the current Council President, Annie McWilliams.

Council Town Hall Meetings:  Ward 2
Wedesday · April 6 · 7:00 PM

Cook School
Leland Avenue at Berkeley Avenue
Parking on the street, with very limited parking in in the school lot.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

yeah wow yippie how much am this meetin gonna cost the city and school

Dan said...

@ 11:41 AM -- Wjy would it cost anything? The Council is not addicted to eats like some other elected officials (have you seen those spreads at the Board meetings?!), not even bottled water for the guests.

And the buildings were being cleaned by the maintenance crews, so not charged for opening it up.

Did you miss it?