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Friday, December 3, 2010

UPDATE UPDATED: Shootings: Eastside, Westside...and a robbery

Several shooting incidents in past few days, Eastside and Westside...

Updating the shootings situation...
The media have updated info on ONE of the shooting incidents -- see the Courier (here) and the Ledger (here), for the rest, read on...

Besides the shooting in the 600-block of East 6th Street reported last night (see here), I now am told there were gunshots fired in the neighborhood of East 7th and Richmond Streets on TUESDAY night, according to an off-duty firefighter.

Were the two incidents connected?

What do you think?

Thursday night, there were TWO separate incidents of shots fired in the area of 120 Elmwood Place, the side street of the Elmwood Gardens housing.

And it's not even the weekend yet.

Hear this evening there was a robbery of an Hispanic man at East 6th and  Richmond by two black males.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Well I am sure with the infinite wisdom of the City, They will lay off police. That will bring crime down

Anonymous said...

No connection between number of police and crime. NYC laid off police and crime went down. What brings crime down is a police force who is involved in Plainfield and do their job. Over 60% of the police live outside and way away from Plainfield. How much do you think they care?

Also, isn't there a weight restriction and some fitness test that police need to adhere to? Some of our police pass the donut test very well, but couldn't run after an ant and catch it.

Dan said...

@ 5:23 AM -- So, you're proposing that we get rid of police altogether and our crime problem will go away?

How utterly brilliant!

No connection between your reasoning and reality?

It's a strong possibility.

And if you ever think you might need a cop I hope you'll do the right thing and not make the phone call. I'm sure you can handle it all on your own.