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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Robinson-Briggs gets free hour of publicity on 101.5 as Jerry enters dispute

Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs got an hour's worth of free publicity on 101.5's popular 'Jersey Guys' talk show Friday afternoon (see here). Arguably worth as much as the $20,000 she spent on having WBLS broadcast a town hall meeting last summer, the problem for the mayor is that it is not the kind of publicity she is looking for at this moment in time.

Focusing on the facts that City Administrator Bibi Taylor had already gone on her maternity leave, was due in less than two weeks, and that the termination was effective Christmas Day, the popular Casey and Rossi asked listeners to phone in with their comments on the Robinson-Briggs story and/or their own experiences with 'ambush' firings, where they or someone they were close to was fired 'out of the blue'.

The first call taken was from Plainfield activist Nancy Piwowar, who urged listeners living in Plainfield to come out for Monday evening's Council meeting to demand answers from the Mayor.

Meanwhile, a CBS news crew had been at Ms. Taylor's home in the morning and took quotes from various Plainfield figures by phone. The crew will be out for Monday evening's Council meeting, I am told.

As if all this weren't enough, Assemblyman Jerry Green weighed in with the suggestion that Robinson-Briggs should rescind the firing notice. In an interview with the Courier's Mark Spivey (see here), Green said --

"I am looking at what's best for the city, no disrespect to the mayor.''
The mayor, meanwhile, said --

"I have great respect for Assemblyman Green. I've worked with him for a number of years and have been loyal. But he is unaware of some of these existing internal issues.''
Those familiar with relations between Mayor Robinson-Briggs and her mentor may smile behind their fans at the declamations of respect and loyalty.

In her defense, Robinson-Briggs trots out having held a baby shower for Taylor recently, which in the minds of many will probably only make the firing appear the more treacherous.

Lastly, Spivey quotes Robinson-Briggs as saying she is thinking of asking former Director Ron West to step in on an acting basis. That would be the same Ron West that Her Honor refused to keep on when she was first elected.

Will Mayor Robinson-Briggs show up Monday and explain herself to the satisfaction of the Council and the public?

You'll have to be there to find out.

Monday | December 20
8:00 PM
Courtroom/Council Chambers
Watchung Avenue & East 4th Street

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't she have brought Ronald West back in as Administration and Finance, which is what he did very well under the previous administration, instead of promoting Restaino, who has never directed anything? Even if West were to come in, the mayor would be able to fire him in a month or two, and then hire whoever it is she really has in mind. Plainfield knows this is a set up. If she had wanted West, she would have asked him to come before now. Its a set up. Why would West leave a secure job to work for this erratic mayor. But then, Sharon says things that she doesnt mean all the time so why would anyone believe her. I can't wait for CBS to come on Monday to the meeting. Her honoe will be saying no comment all over the place while they ask her why she is firing an excellent administrator on top of presiding over eight murders and no confidence from the people of Plainfield. But we all know the mayor won't even show up, however, CBS knows where she lives, at least the Plainfield residence she gives as her address.

Anonymous said...

Okay here it goes -my prediction re the council vote will be like this . . .

McWilliams - Bibi stays
Mapp - Bibi stays
Storch - Bibi stays
Burney - Bibi stays

Reid - Bibi goes but with all the press coverage he won't show up.
Rivers - Bibi goes but with all the press coverage she won't show up.

Linda Carter - no show. Which will disapoint me because I voted for Linda and I am very happy for her. However, her new boss -CD- will be watching.

Stay tuned . . .

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, your link to 101.5 didn't get to the item you cited. Is there another link that would get there?