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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hidden Plainfield: December 5 home ID

Home is at corner of Mayfair and Glenwood.

Well, it wasn't really 'hidden' Plainfield yesterday (see here), and everyone but Rebecca knew where it was, since it's on a very prominent corner at Mayfair and Glenwood. One person had even been the Courier newsboy for the neighborhood and unable to get the owners to take a subscription! Rebecca gets points for her movie knowledge.

Don Corleone's house is on Staten Island, as one person knew, and is being offered (at a mere $2.9M, see here) by Connie Profaci Realty.

The Plainfield house is not a dead ringer, but it is pretty close.

As for Plainfield's 'mob' connections?

Years ago, when I was doing research for Grace Episcopal Church's 150th anniversary celebration (2002), I came across a record of a long-ago funeral conducted by the parish priest for a Lucchese, about whom nothing else was known.

Parishioner? Related to 'the' Luccheses? No way of knowing for sure, but mighty interesting (and a bit unusual for an Episcopal parish).

The other is more recent and more concrete.

During the 1980s, Plainfield saw a whirlwind of real estate activity by a newcomer named Sam 'Bo' Bonanno.

Bo bought, fixed up, flipped and moved on with abandon. He also traded on the frisson of his family name, though no one was actually sure he was related to 'the' Bonannos.

Among the homes he cycled through was one in the neighborhood of yesterday's 'hidden home' -- with a checkerboard entry hall and a floating staircase.

Then, as suddenly as he appeared, Bo was gone.

Was it a brush with the mob? Plainfield will probably never know for sure.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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