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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mayor a no-show to discuss Bibi's absence

Mayor Robinson-Briggs skipped explaining plans to Council, public.

Given the revolving door nature of Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' senior staff over the years, and the long gaps in filling vacancies -- the latest being the Chief Financial Officer's slot, filled just on the cusp of its three years' anniversary -- it is no wonder that the City Council and the public are anxious for knowledge of her plans for City Administrator Bibi Taylor's expected maternity leave.

Taylor, the mayor's most capable appointment to date, is said to be due in January and expected to take a maternity leave that would mean the day-to-day operations of the City would need managing.

Accordingly, the Council invited Mayor Robinson-Briggs to last night's meeting to 'explain her plans for day-to-day operations of the city in the absence of the City Administrator'.

When the time came, shortly after 10:00 PM (and only on page 3 of an 8-page agenda), to hear from her, Mayor Robinson-Briggs was not present in the room.

The pattern is a familiar one.

Council President McWilliams inquired whether the Mayor had indeed been invited (yes), and in her absence, asked Ms. Taylor and Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson if they had anything to share.

Both demurred.

The invitation will be extended to Mayor Robinson-Briggs to attend and explain her plans to the Council and the public at next week's regular business session.

If Robinson-Briggs fails to show next Monday, it is time to get worried, really worried.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

This mayor seems to always putting out fires instead of preventing them. I hope she is prepared to fill this position. Plainfield deserves better.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect from mayor unmannerly?

If it didn't reflect on the entire city, her actions would be amusing.

Doesn't any one else in this city care about doing the right thing?

Anonymous said...

The time to get worried has long passed. It was the day she won election and the day she won re-election

Anonymous said...

the mayor was at the county meeting for the new freeholder, so she had plenty of time to get back to plnfield. the Meeting ended at 7:30, I guess she doesn't think she owes the people any explanation.

olddoc said...

Does Linda Carter have a clone? At 7:30 she was at the Council meeting

Anonymous said...

She was probably shopping with the kickbacks from the $20k wbls fiasco.

Daniel said...

Folks, It is time to get serious! Tax payers lets take control of our city BACK! She got back in there for a 2nd time because we thought it was a losing battle and the ones who aren't really tax payers got her back in there with some fried chicken. She doesn't have anything to prove because she isn't doing anything and you would think that Jerry Green with his position would react and do something positive. Maybe the Governor needs to step in and get rid of him so that we can get rid of her; she has a track record a proven track record of not doing anything. People who’ve tried to make a difference in this city, she just taunts and ignored. Maybe everyone should act the way she expects everyone to act (we might just see some results). People who want to do a job and do it right they get smacked on the hand and thrown out; do nothing and she adores you(monkey see monkey do[NOTHING]). Maybe why she is the token for Jerry; who isn’t that bright either bringing people’s business to the front page of an incident that occurred 40 years ago, but he just bailed out a drug dealer two years ago. This is what we are working with. Let’s forget about attending the council meetings in Plainfield, they want to do right but aren’t allowed; now we have to go to the States council meetings in Trenton and let them enough is ENOUGH!!