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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jackie spots a special holiday greeting to Bibi from the Mayor

Fellow blogger Jackie S. spotted a special holiday message.

Plainfield Today readers know I am inordinately fond of Jackie Schnoop's photography, especially her weekend roundups of shots around town during the past week (see this week's full post here).

Jackie, who blogs at The (TV) Show Must Go On (see here) is also a regular entrant (and winner!) in the Plainfield Public Library's annual photo contests (see full list here).

I took a snap yesterday of the 'Free Parking' bag -- it's free to holiday shoppers through January 2, 2011 -- but what could possible top the one that Jackie spotted!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Since the bags are compliments of the Mayor and City Council, do they pay ffor the bags out of their own pocket or are the bags paid for out of the City Budget?

If they are paid for out of the budget then somewhere it should at least say ... and from the taxpayers of the City of Plainfield.

GB said...

Watch all those bags get ripped off on Jan 2nd with no thought to recycle them as trash bags, storage bags or some other secondary use. Just into the trash as the town has money to spend ....