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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man shot Thursday morning

I am told a man was shot in the back early Thursday morning in the 600-block of East 6th Street.

No further information yet.

-- Dan Damon


Anonymous said...

any updates Mr Dan

Anonymous said...

When will this at least slow down? What is that political hack Hellwig doing about this? I mean real action not just smoke and mirrors like putting that motorhome with red lights out on certain blocks. He is a joke! Mayor, please instruct your puppet on what to do! Either read a book or ask somebody! Come on now, enough is enough!

Plainfield Police takes the gloves off and get a tight grip on these gang bangers!

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor and her Public Safety Director can't keep the streets around City Hall and the Police station safe, how do the plan to keep the rest of the city safe? With all the estrogen running this city as published in the Currier the other day, you would think the this city would be the most safe and clean in all of New jersey!