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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Muhlenberg developer not on Planning Board agenda tonight

Solaris would like to sell off the Muhlenberg Hospital site.

laying the ground for a presentation by a proposed developer of the Muhlenberg campus property at its October 21st meeting (see here), the developer will NOT appear before the Planning Board tonight, I am told.

Chairperson Ken Robertson and board member Ron Scott Bey had filled in other Planning Board members at the October meeting on informal talks between the developer's team, city staff and themselves, suggesting that the Board set aside time (I think I recall Mr. Scott Bey saying 'fifteen minutes') at its December 2nd meeting (tonight).

It was emphasized at the time that talks were in a very preliminary state, and that there was no letter of intent between the developer and Solaris Health System, owner of the former Muhlenberg Hospital site, a condition Mayor Robinson-Briggs (or at least her advisors) wanted before publicly moving ahead with any talks.

Is this a sputtering start, or just another balloon out of which the air has been let?**

Only time will tell.

**You do remember what Winston Churchill said about ending a sentence with a preposition, don't you?

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Blackdog said...

Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.
Whatever solution they have come up with, (and I believe that it is already settled upon, just not announced yet), is a done deal between all parties involved! And a FEW Chosen people will benefit greatly!