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Friday, December 17, 2010

Council to mayor: Show us the plan

So far, the Mayor has not explained her plans or her actions.

Plainfield's City Council really wants to know what Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' plans are for day-to-day administration of the city.

It is even more crucial now that the Mayor has moved to terminate City Administrator Bibi Taylor, while also having on her plate the empty director's seat for the Department of Public Works and Urban Affairs.

Council President Annie McWilliams has posted a brief but thoughtful outline of the issues facing the city -- Council and Administration -- that must be addressed (see her post here).

Courier News reporter Mark Spivey notes in today's front-page story on the firing (see here), that Mayor Robinson-Briggs, initially reached by phone said she did not have time to comment, and then did not return five further calls to her office and cell phone by the end of the day (and, by implication, up until the deadline for filing his report).

This follows on the heels of the Mayor's snub of an invitation to address the Council on Monday evening and explain for them and the general public her plans for the time Taylor was expected to be on maternity leave.

The city's charter clearly gives the Mayor the authority to remove the city administrator or a department head, but there is a condition: '[where] the public interest so requires'.

So, the Council -- and the public -- want to know and expect to learn from Mayor Robinson-Briggs just what 'public interest' is being served, and what her plans are for the ongoing administration of the city's day-to-day affairs.

Will we be told by Her Honor on Monday evening?

Or will she snub the Council once again?

Monday | December 20
8:00 PM
Courtroom/Council Chambers
Watchung Avenue & East 4th Street

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I have written the city council members to override the mayor's action and reinstate Bibi Taylor. I hope that happens. It's now time for that recall of this insane mayor, as I've harped on for the past six months. How long will we put up with such poor service and idiocy? Not much longer I hope.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, start the ball rolling and I am sure you will have support.

Anonymous said...

Rob = you keep sasying it's timr to recall the Mayor so why don't you put your money where your mouth is and find out what is necessary to recall the Mayor and start the process.

Anonymous said...

the mayor doesn't have a plan. City Hall is in confusion. No one knows what's going on, who signs what, or what should be done.

Anonymous said...

That's many people want to recall the Mayor.... put up or shut up.

olddoc said...

10:34 PM -A petition signed by 1/3 of the registered voters. Bernice has posted the numbers may be 5,000 names which will call for an special "election".

Anonymous said...

Who has the petition? We will rally others to get to the location and sign it. Action needs to be taken.
Please respond with a plan.


YEP I SAID IT!!! said...

Hello Bob - I too have been posting comments on RECALL and so I am here to say I will work with you. However -the ball can't roll until January and I believe we have 90 days to get the signatures, paperwork and submitting done. Hopefully now it won't be so difficult for Plainfield's Republicans and Democrats to vote on the same ticket . . . RECALL SHARON ROBINSON-BRIGGS!