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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charlotte's Christmas Party: The good time had by almost all

UCDC chairperson Charlotte DeFilippo throws a legendary Christmas party annually.
Plainfield Democratic City Committee members look forward every year to Union County Dem chairperson Charlotte DeFilippo's annual Christmas party.

The New Dems contingent at this year's party had a grand old time.

Filling a large table, the group, which included Councilors Adrian Mapp and Cory Storch as well as Councilor-elect Rebecca Williams and Freeholder-elect Linda Carter spotted Congressman Frank Pallone and State Senator Ray Lesniak working the room.

There was some lighthearted banter at the table about how well Plainfield had done in turning out the vote for Pallone.

A few minutes later, Lesniak and Pallone made their way to the table. As they approached, Sen. Lesniak genuflected bowed deeply ** toward the Plainfield group and said, 'I am not worthy'...

Who knew the Senator had such a sense of humor?!

After exchanging small talk, the duo moved off to schmooze with others, only to have Congressman Pallone return solo and sit with the Plainfield table until the party began to break up.

For some reason, Assemblyman Jerry Green, chairperson of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee was not present this year.

Very unusual for this annual kissing-of-the-ring event.

**I wasn't at the party. One source said Sen. Lesniak 'genuflected' and a second source agreed. Turns out he bowed deeply, which is NOT a genuflection, as any self-respecting Catholic can tell you. Mea culpa.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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YEP I SAID IT!!! said...

Dan -

Reading your blog this morning made me visualize Charlotte's Web(a large silver spiderweb in the shape of a snowflake)with the names of the attendees signatures in red, on green round Christmas ornaments entangled in the "snow"web. In the middle of the "snow"web is CD's round chubby grinning face and gruesome hairy short spider legs. At the top of the "snow"web is a star (green) ornament with Pallone's name in white block letters. However -Mapp, Storch, and Williams ornaments (in black) would be on the floor together -unbroken. JG's ornament would be . . . non existent. But -there would be an invitation to Jerry Green on the floor with a red stamp in big bold letters REGRETS RSVP.

. . . h m m m m . . . sounds like a Holiday Greetings card.