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Monday, December 27, 2010

Budget drama tonight?

Plainfield's City Council's final meeting of 2010 is tonight, at 7:30 PM in City Hall Library.

The agenda setting portion (for the January  3rd reorganization meeting) will share billing with the FY2011 budget hearing, which is set for 8:00 PM.

Will there be some drama?

Hey, this is Plainfield! What do you think?

Linda Carter's resignation, effective today, comes as a surprise to many, especially with the crucial budget vote still to be taken.

Without Carter, there are only six Councilors, five of whom must vote together to adopt the budget.

Readers of Councilor Burney's blog (see here) have been warned he is poised to vote AGAINST the budget tonight.

His argument -- which includes NEW ITEMS he did not bring up in the Council's public discussion of the budget amendments last week -- is that he believes the 'CoC' (certificate of compliance) program is a 'non-core' service and should be dispensed with rather than folding the Purchasing Division into the CFO's office.

(As someone who made his living for years in the real estate business, I can attest the CoC inspections can be a pain in the butt and sometimes well beyond what folks would consider reasonable conditions are placed upon the parties to the sale of a property. That being said, I well remember -- as Councilor Burney cannot, since he was not in Plainfield at the time -- the downward spiral of the conditions of three quarters of Plainfield's housing stock WITHOUT ANY CHECK on conditions at the only pressure point that exists -- the point of transfer of a property. It was a heated discussion and homeowners, real estate professionals and other weighed in. Having heard all sides, the Council adopted the present system. What would make us decide it is 'not a core service' at this point?)

Councilor Burney might want to reflect on the fact that the
'CORE SERVICE' OF PURCHASING is NOT being abandoned; it is being kept but moved elsewhere. So what's the argument?

So, with Carter gone and Burney set to vote against it, the remaining five members of the Council will all have to vote FOR the budget or see all the carefully crafted savings go up in smoke as the process is re-started, including a new layoff plan that will have to include more people since all savings are calculated on a budget being adopted tonight. (A point which Bibi Taylor repeatedly made to all parties during the budget deliberations.)


But, since it's Plainfield, to be expected.

PS: Just for fun, type 'budget drama' (without the quotes) into a Google image search and see if you recognize any image in the first two or three rows.

Today | December 27
Time is 7:30 PM
City Hall Library
515 Watchung Avenue

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I read Burney's blog. I am with him on this.

Anonymous said...

If we are in a state of emergency and only essential people are to be on the roads, I guess Plainfield will put its residents in a illegal position. I guess the city council doesn't have to follow the rules. Oh that's right the democratic machine is exempt. My bad!

Anonymous said...

why not leave home inspections to home inspectors paid by the buyer. I remember when the City inspected my aunt home. They found that a bedroom closet had a crack between the ceiling and wall and that the closet plaster walls had to be painted. They had not been painted since the home was built 80 years ago. Also some of the window weights were broken. If the buyer wants the house we these defects it should be their decision.

Rob said...

LOL....Dan that's a riot..Love the image search on Google..
I wonder if it works if you type in "hot mess" for search term ?? You think Sharon would show up for that??
...and ... how long until Burney is gone ?? Damn such a nice new year with 1 less lap dog for Jerry and Sharon coming up..HEY RASHID HOW'S THAT TEETH RESOLUTION COMING ??

Anonymous said...

So the Budget passes by a 4-2 vote.
Thought you said it would take 5 votes to pass?????????

Dan said...

@ 6:48 -- My bad. 5 votes to amend upward. Much discussion, no amendments last night. Simple majority did it.