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Friday, December 24, 2010

Luminaria light up Netherwood neighborhood tonight

One of Plainfield's most popular holiday attractions returns tonight for the fifth time -- the Netherwood Heights neighbors' luminaria display.

Hundreds of candles will glow in paper bags along the streets of the historic district beginning at twilight.

See more details at the Netherwood Heights Neighbors website (here) or the Courier article (here).

A peaceful night as the Queen City awaits the birth of the King of Peace.

Map from Netherwood Neighbors website for 2010 luminaria display.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Are the lights legal they are on city property any special permit required

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dan for posting. . . .

This is Netherwood Heights Neighbors Association's
gift back to the people of the city.

If all you Plainfielders have time from your busy schedule tonight it's worth the trip.

Merry Merry to all


Dan said...

@ 11:04 AM -- Do you own a house? The property line for the owner is the middle of the street. You are presumed to give the municipality the right to the roadway in perpetuity. The property between the curb and the sidewalk is also the owner's. It's the owner's responsibility to keep it clean and cut the grass. However, it is also considered 'public' in the sense that signs (such as political) may be placed their without the owner's permission, and, of course, the city plants trees there -- which are the city's responsibility. Confusing?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the trees are the citys' responsibility right up until one falls on your car?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lights. Our family loved seeing them all lit up. Thank you for such a beautiful experience!

Anonymous said...

It was beautiful! We drove from south Plainfield while it snowed, it was perfect! Thank you!