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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plainfield's Fall DPW Pickup Schedule: It's in the mail...and online

When autumn leaves begin to fall, Plainfielders' thoughts turn to just one thing -- where is the DPW's pickup schedule mailer?

It's in the mail, according to a conversation with DPW factotum Marie Davis, who says some folks have received theirs already and the rest should have them today or tomorrow.

If you haven't gotten yours yet (like me), you can get the information online in the DOWNLOADS area of the city's website (see here -- PDF).

It will come just in time -- BRUSH AND YARD WASTE is scheduled for pickup throughout NEXT WEEK. So, if you haven't gotten organized, you have the weekend to do so. Remember to play nice and tie your items in bundles no more than three feet in length.

Each zone will also get TWO leaf pickups, a month apart, beginning the first week of November.

The online posting also includes a list of streets in the service zones. You may find this of less use than the map that has always accompanied the mailer -- the online form is organized BY ZONE, then listing the streets covered. So, if you don't know your zone (for instance, you're new to town) you're in for some time-consuming fun figuring it out.

Maybe the Director can get the Planning Division's mapmakers to make a ZONE MAP which would serve for both the DPW and the PMUA and post it online. (If it costs more than $85, they can call the Governor and sound off!)

Ready, set, go!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

So what happens after the clean up? There is always vegetation on the streets and that is against our ordinance. So, will whoever's job it is to issue summons do that? I am so sick of seeing our streets filled with garbage all year roun.

Anonymous said...

Okay let's all be Environmentally Friendly and use only rakes !!! Plus i will be able to sleep on Saturday morning with no wanging noise from those blowers in my neighborhood.

pat turner kavanaugh said...

Dan: you might add thaqt residents are able to pick up as many as 10 leaf bags free at the DPW office on North Avenue. They open early and close at 3:30 p.m. M-F

Blackdog said...

Dan, just out of curiosity, do you know what company printed the City of Plainfield, Official City Newsletter of which I recieved a copy in the mail today? How many were printed? Is this one of the same concerns which prints up the political placards for former and current candidates? Do they also have a contract for other city printing jobs? This could be quite lucrative for someone!

Anonymous said...

The fall pick up does this include incompetent public and elected officials

Anonymous said...

Great idea, why not use rakes instead of using a noisy blower and standing in the same spot for a half hour playing 'showdown' with one stubborn leaf. I have actually witnessed this scene. There is nothing wrong with raking/exercise.

I agree, we need ordinance enforcement. Why have yard waste in our streets all year long. No other towns allow this. Could this be one of the reasons our property values are so low? Buyers don't want to see this...

Dan said...

Blackdog -- I don't know. The city used to use the printer on Park Ave who recently moved to Middlesex after a dispute with Paramount, Plainfield's largest commercial landlord, couldn't be resolved.

When I was at City Hall, we tried to give printing jobs to local businesses, don't know how it's handled now.

The political campaign stuff is usually done up by big houses that do mostly political stuff and are located in other towns in North Jersey.