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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey! This is MY soap-box! You got a problem with that, get your own!

Today, I will take up those whiners who complain through their anonymous comments that I am unfair to Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and/or Assemblyman Jerry Green. (For yesterday's post on Councilor Burney's tantrum over not getting star billing on CLIPS, see here.)

Plainfield Today is DAN'S soap-box. It has always been Dan's soap-box. There is no secret about it. The tagline says as much: The needler in the haystack.

Nevertheless, some supporters of Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Assemblyman Jerry Green repeatedly post anonymous comments whining that I take constant potshots at Her Honor and her mentor (Bernice's monicker for Assemblyman Green).

So what?

I choose NOT to post those comments because they DON'T ADVANCE THE CONVERSATION.

Got a beef with my 'facts' or agument? Give chapter-and-verse to support your opposing view.

'Dan, you are just soooo unfair' just won't hack it.

Is Mayor Robinson-Briggs the best thing since sliced bread? Prove it, sticking to the relevant issues like crime, economic development, staff and board appointments, budget -- you know, the 'important' stuff, not how many events she has gushed at.

Does the Assemblyman walk on water? Show us the pictures.

Better yet, all you anonymous herds (or is it really just two or three of you?), start your own damn blog and blast away.

Go here -- -- it's free, it's easy, it's waiting for YOU.

I even have some possible blog titles to get your juices flowing.

How about 'Queen of Victims' or 'Life Is Just Sooo Unfair' for supporters of Mayor Robinson-Briggs?

Or for supporters of the Assemblyman, maybe 'Puppetry by Trial and Error' or 'Life Behind the Yellow Curtain'?

All you will have to do is set yourself up and start casting your pearls of wisdom as the rest of the bloggers do.

And I'll be happy to include you in CLIPS, giving you the same chance to impress Plainfield readers as Councilor Burney and the others get.

Now, get to work!

And stop whining!

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Bob said...

Thank you Dan for standing up to those "anonymous" people who are getting paid off by "Shady Sharonda" and "Jerky Jerry" to argue for them, when there is no way to portray them positively. I am a behaviorist and I totally believe that recent behavior is an indicator of future behavior. Since that is true, neither of these politicians or their friends can be trusted. Nuf said!

Tom said...

The ad for the hamburger that followed your blog sez it all.

Hot Dang!!!

Rob said...

You forgot to add the "you are a big fat meanie Dan!" to the comments. LOL.

This is exactly how McWilliams, Mapp and Storch need to speak to Mayor Jerry, Assistant Mayor Sharon and their gang of 4.

Anonymous said...

Some of us don't care if you are nice to SRB and JG but would enjoy reading analysis that is a wee bit more thoughtful and a tad less dogmatic.

Anonymous said...

We find that it is the less informed that are always trying to discredit the more informed. People just hate to hear the truth about their "security blanket" (aka NJ govt) Alas, this is NJ.

Dan said...

Rob -- I used to be 'the big fat meanie', but since I've lost about 65 pounds, I fear I no longer qualify....;-))

Alan Goldstein said...

Burney says "Kumbaya, no more finger pointing" and motions sharply with his elbow towards Damon who counters that it's his soapbox and whines about the whiners. Is there somewhere in here a five or ten-point program of concrete action, or even a debate about what those points should be?

I'll start one, and give you two points I've mentioned under my own name recently-

1) Disinvest Plainfield Action Services from the City and turn it into an independent non-profit that will better represent our residents and be more responsive to their needs. Make it the WIC contractor. There's no reason these need to be divisions of our city government, and most Community Action Agencies throughout the country are independent. Let's run better
so our limited resources actually accomplish what they're intended to accompish.

2) Merge Bi-Lingual Daycare with the greater daycare/dayschool community. Any public money that supports this will not be lost, and there's about a 100% chance the money will be used more efficiently and support even more children. The city government should not be in the daycare business. I realize it's hard to find someone who speaks Spanish around here so we've had to take this extra step for 60 children for years and years and years, but I think we'll get by. I wish I spoke two languages. I'll get by.

So? Agree? Disagree? Want to add to the list? Want to ask where your councilperson stands on streamlining the city government and making certain our resources are utlilized efficiently and fairly?

Wanna whine? Blame it on Jerry or Cory, Sharon or Adrian? Wanna Wine! I think I may need a drink after this Plainfield experience.

Anonymous said...

They also need to post responses, not hide behind the curtain like Jerry does. And, they will not like what they hear.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are sometime ignorant, often time aggravating and most assuredly arrogant but you do have a right to write.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Soap Box.
The years over nonsense that has been going on are finally being exposed. DAN FOR MAYOR

Maria Pellum, Plainfield Resident said...


If I was to be upset for the times I have felt "ignored" by you, not many though, I wouldn't be complaining in public or right after saying that the "blame game" needs to stop. But to each its own. And yes, many of us love your soap box, we accept it for what it is and we wouldn't want it changed.


Can I please add to your two points, pretty please?

Finding out once and for all why is Purchasing not working properly. 6 years of documented failures to follow procedures ought to make someone, anyone, question what is going on. I say, call for a meeting with all the heads of these department and talk about why there is failure and what is it that they see as a solution. And report back to the community if the meetings is closed to the public.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about how Councilman Burney sees anything anyhow? He should be grateful that you even mention his self-serving blog. Wonder who would read it if you took it out of CLIPS, just those he spams with his constant contact email. I suggest you take him off CLIPS for a while Dan, see what he says then!

Dan said...

Alan G --
Now, you are definitely not one of the 'whiners', but you should consider blogging.

You very definitely have things to add to the Plainfield conversation and folks should be able to find all your thoughts and observations gathered together in one place and not scattered hither and yon in the comments to various blogs.

Give it a try, and maybe you'll feel less need for that drink. Or maybe not.

At any rate, as an old Navy friend used to say, 'Never start drinking until the sun is over the yardarm...and if it's not yet, just move over a few steps'.

Chuck Hale said...

Dan, I was raised as a loyal Republican but gradually realized my Christianity wasn't squaring with the policies of the Republican party. The straw that broke my camel's back was "Tricky Dickey" saying "I am not a crook." That was the day I started on the Democratic road, where I have been ever since. But the incompetence and other shenanigans at least in our little corner of New Jersey are moving me to consider supporting Republicans, at least until we can clean house of this crew. Most (not all) local democrats will find me supporting their opponent.We have a dysfunctional city and it's killing our prospects of improvement.

Alan Goldstein said...

Dan, hither and yon sound like the locations of various left-over cash balances on the City's books. A little bit here and a little bit there, and before you know it there's enough for some righteous amount of unchecked discretionary spending.

You're right Maria that the Purchasing Division shouldn't be presenting problems that are identified by the state audit year after year, and I'm more than happy to put that on the list.

Our fiscal controls are just awful: limited controls over the possibility of unauthorized spending, excessive bank transfers, missed postings, cash balances that don't agree with monthy bank reconciliations, no accounts receivable ledger maintained for grants. This stuff is straight from the audit recommendations and the corrective action plan.

Dan, thanks for the soapbox. For the moment I'll ride all the blogger coat-tails, though has a ring to it.