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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back door meeting at Jerry Green's office

Follow the arrows to Jerry's rear entrance.
Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green had a back door visitor just before 2:00 PM on Wednesday, October 6.

I saw the dapper Deputy City Clerk adjusting his tie as he walked from his car to the rear entrance to Jerry's office.

This leads to a couple of interesting questions.

Assemblyman Green has been at pains in the past to say that he doesn't interfere in the day-to-day operations of the Robinson-Briggs administration (despite longtime rumors that he regularly attends -- and sometimes presides at -- the Mayor's all-day Wednesday cabinet meetings).

So why then would he summon (I am told the Deputy Clerk advised he had been summoned to the Assemblyman's office) a city employee to his office?


Hmmm... and Hmmm...

If it was
CITY BUSINESS, why wouldn't the Assemblyman take it up with the person in charge, the City Clerk?

And if it was
PERSONAL BUSINESS, why during work hours?

Whatever the business discussed or the propriety of it, my other question concerns the Council.

It is no secret that City Clerk Laddie Wyatt has been talking about retiring.

That means the Council -- whatever else is on its plate, and there is plenty -- will also have the task of appointing a new Clerk of the Governing Body.

Back in the days when I was attending Clerk U., our instructors were at pains to underscore that they were preparing us to be PROFESSIONAL NON-PARTISAN PUBLIC OFFICIALS, dedicated to the management of the Clerk's considerable responsibilities in a fair, open and honest manner. This was often contrasted with the 'old days', where clerks owed their jobs to and were servants of local political machines.

The Council will have the responsiblity of choosing a Municipal Clerk.

Will that person embody the ideal of the NON-PARTISAN PROFESSIONAL OFFICIAL?

How will the Council know?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said... are wrong...Jerry RUNNING the city most certainly couldn't be labeled as interfering. Even Jerry isn't foolish enough to let Sharon have real control...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jalloh is too good for Plainfield and Its crazy characters! If I were him I'd take my certification and go get paid more money in a drama free municipality!

My bet is AJ doesn't even stay to become Clerk!

Anonymous said...

The real story is Laddie Wyatt only coming to work 2 days a month! corruption at its best!

Anonymous said...

who appoints the Clerk? the Mayor or the Council?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dan...everybody in town knows aj worked for JG, as did Barbara, before being plunked right in the middle of City Hall. Please we know where directives for everything are coming from. Also, how did AJ in such a short time become second to Laddie. I hope she dosen't retire then Linden will be running Plainfield. You would think real Plainfielders would be in line for these positions.

Anonymous said...

Dapper is an understatement he is HOTT!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan- Didn't the Mayor Green tell you that the assistant clerk use to work for him, and that he set him up in city hall to be his inside man? Who else could go from making $20,000 to $80,000 in one year? There are plenty of people more qualified for the job of City Clerk than AJ,but they are not in Jerry Greens pocket. I hope Laddie stays till in her office till Plainfield turns Republician again!

Anonymous said...

Eww dan! Stop following men!

Blackdog said...

Almost twenty years? That guy has been in office about 14 years too long!
The many problems that plague this country have been exacerbated by people who are not willing to relinquish the power they have attained in office. I am an ardent supporter of term limits in all elected positions!
Get out and make room for a fellow American with fresh ideas and who has his character and integrity in tact!
I , like many of my fellow Americans, are sick of politicians celebrating 40, 50 and yes there was one with 60 years in office!
Serve your country, and then move on to let the next guy or gal do their part!

Anonymous said...

Dan, YOU would have made an excellent NON-PARTISAN public official! LOL!

Blackdog said...

Dinnae believe what ye hear, and only half of what ye see Laddie!

Bob said...

Jerry does need to go and if any serious investigation of the Robinson-Briggs administraion does happen, we'll see Jerry's hand in as many pies as he can control. He is not to be trusted!