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Monday, October 4, 2010

McWilliams determined to curb administration spending, assert Council's proper role

Plainfield City Council president Annie McWilliams has an important new post on her blog which is a must-read for all concerned residents and taxpayers (see here).

With Plainfield's fiscal difficulties continuing to mount and the Robinson-Briggs administration still without permanent financial leadership, McWilliams is putting her foot down by declaring that she will not put any additional expense items on Council agendas unless they are obligatory.

The Robinson-Briggs administration once again appears to be stonewalling on the timing of the budget introduction, despite McWilliams' clear insistence (backed up by a Council majority) all year long that the budget needs to move in a much more timely fashion than it did last year in order for changes to have their optimal effect.

The originally-promised 'August-September' introduction date has come and gone, and now it seems possible that October may also pass without a budget, putting us back into a scenario similar to last year's.

With the Council's budget hearings and the CBAC's review, the calendar just slide toward the horizon.

Furthermore, the Robinson-Briggs administration has openly stated that it considers it is free to spend the public's money as it sees fit, without submitting to Council scrutiny or providing for transparency for the taxpaying public.

McWilliams strongly defends the Council as a counterbalance that prevents potential fiscal abuse through its oversight role.

The Council President has a potent weapon in her power to set the Council agendas -- if she doesn't approve an item, it doesn't go on the agenda.

Maybe this will wake up the Robinson-Briggs administration.

Make time to come out for tonight's important Council meeting.


Tonight  | 7:30 PM

City Hall Library
The Public  is welcome and may speak at the end of the meeting.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I wish I didn't have to work tonight. I'm glad to hear that Ms. McWilliams and others on the City Council are concerned about the city's financial health. Apparently, the mayor isn't and her actions over the last several years show it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this is politically motivated. If there are so many problems, let the auditors or the state tell us so.

This is all very Glen Beck-ish. A lot of "concerns" and many non-connected "worries".