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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Duh! About that link to Charlotte's attack website

Charlotte's annoying popup message.
So busy putting together for Plainfield Today readers yesterday all the background to Charlotte's website attacking OPRA activist Tina Renna that I forgot to put a link up to her handiwork.

You can check out Charlotte's spite site, Watchdogs Gone Wild, here. And my post from yesterday here., as well as the CountyWatchers website here.
(By the way, you can find more information about County expenses, budgets, etc. on the CountyWatchers site than on the official Union County site)

Besides the annoying dollar-counter gizmo which ends with the even-more-annoying error message (see image above) which pushes itself to the front of whatever else you may be doing with your computer, you get a list of 'attack' points.

Modestly, Charlotte does not mention that whatever it has cost Union County has to do with stonewalling legitimate OPRA requests.

As commenter Blackdog said on yesterday's Plainfield Today post --

If there were an on-line database with all the government documents and transcripts that occur during normal business of running the government for whoever might click on . . . then there would be no need for Opra . . . nobody would have to find the files or make copies or even God forbid do a little honest work.
How successful has CountyWatchers been?

How about getting all its OPRA requests fulfilled, even if it means going to court?

Or how about the honor of having Charlotte spend vendor cash on mounting a spite site?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I appreciated yesterday's post and am not a fan of county government. It often comes under the radar and people don't realize how much they spend and waste and how much of it is dishonest. Everyone one has friends and family making good bucks and great benefits. Look at Jerry Green, just to mention one person who has taken advantage of the of nepotism that these greedy hogs have built. Charlotte should pay for the site and I think she is a harlot, the way she wastes our money. So many of these politicians are whores who run after the public's money for personal gain.

Prof. Williams said...


I am disgusted by how this money is spent. I am an elected member of the Union County Democratic Committee (all elected Plainfield Democratic City Committee members are also members of the county committee), and you better believe that I am going to let them know what I think of this waste of time. I don't know Mrs. Renna, but for the county to attack a private individual for having to file requests for information that should be public in the first place is unconscionable.

Folks can send an email to the UCDC to complain--I urge all city committee members to do so:

info @



Rob said...

I think it's most commendable that Rebecca wrote that comment. Unfortunately when you look at Union County..what Charlotte says goes. None of the weak willed politicians in Union County go up against her. She calls the shots from Plainfield to our local State Assemblyman. Nothing says unresponsive to the electorate like an iron grip on power.

Anonymous said...

The Dems put Charlotte and Gerry . in office, then complain about their wrong doings! Why dont the dems VOTE the out??? Year after year the Dems keep putting them in office.

Anonymous said...

We can only assume that any member of the UCDC who doesn't condemn that website endorses it. Tina Renna does good work.

Good on you Rebecca. I'm impressed.