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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plainfield cop busted in DUI, what will impact on Division be?

I am told a Plainfield police officer was arrested in a DUI incident in Bloomfield overnight Friday.

The officer is also charged with aggravated assault on an officer and resisting arrest. One Bloomfield cop is said to have been injured by the Plainfield cop in the fracas.

What does this mean for the Plainfield Police Division?

If the officer is suspended, that will mean one fewer officers available for duty. I was told that on the morning cabbie Isidro Leonardo was shot and a stolen car crashed at South 2nd and Clinton with serious injury to an occupant ONLY FOUR POLICE OFFICERS WERE ON THE ROAD IN THE ENTIRE CITY.

With the Robinson-Briggs administration shelving plans to hire 7 new officers this month, two officers under or facing lengthy suspensions, two facing prostitution-related charges, and the Ledger's data showing only 135 officers in its 2009 salary report (see here), the Police Division is way down from the 153 officers at the end of the McWilliams administration in December 2005.

This despite Mayor Robinson-Briggs' campaign promises of not reducing the police staffing levels.

And Robinson-Briggs wants to spend $1 million (plus $100,000 annual maintenance) on gunshot-spotting technology?

Ledger staff figure for 2009 (9/15/2010).

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Rob said...

Unfortunately the report has the trend glaring you in the face that shows the municipalities with the worse crime and lowest pay are all party loyal municipalities....with the guarantee vote in favor of the party all the time comes party neglect. Talk about rewarding the people for their votes..

Anonymous said...

What in the world is going on at the police department? How embarrassing, AGAIN!

I feel for all the hardworking, honest cops that I saw only a few weeks ago lined up with pride and empathy at the memorial. I hope people don't judge you all by a few that apparently slipped through the cracks and should have never been entrusted with a badge.

Anonymous said...

heard it was a plainfield cops kid. not the cop.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the injured officers and those that are on restricted duty without a gun. That number hovers constantly around 10.

Also, the ax hanging over their heads being wielded by Christie has made many cops fearful of the future. Many are standing committed to retire if he starts jeopardizing their hard earned pay, pensions and benefits.

So, with the timeline for putting new hires on the street being at least 9 months and the pipline being plugged, where will be next year? Many officers and criminals predict that this years violence will pale in comparison!

God save us all!

Anonymous said...

I understand the level of police staffing has slipped but this is a statewide trend in urban areas throughout the state..You want to hire more cops then do away with salary arbitration in this state.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, father and son are cops in this city!

Anonymous said...

Re: 5:05pm

Salary arbitration has nothing to do with it in urban areas. It has everything to do with these cities being Democratic strongholds that are being mismanaged and wrought with corruption!

By far the urban cops get paid much less than their counterparts in suburban areas and they don't do a fraction of the work.
Please get off the Christie bandwagon and truly look at each municipality and their issues without painting them all with the same brush.