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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Councilor Burney accuses Dan of snubbing his post. You be the judge.

Councilor Burney sent round the following email to his list just after noon today, advising folks that I had not put up notice in CLIPS of his post concerning his advocacy of the Citizen Campaign's 'take responsiblity' theme. This is not true, and I am asking him to correct this misinformation in his blog.

As one can see from reading CLIPS, Councilor Burney simply must have missed what it is plainly there -- reference and link to his post. Below is my response to Burney and below that his email. Judge for yourselves. -- Dan

Councilor Burney -- For some reason you did not check the complete CLIPS entry. While I did not have it in the headline copy it certainly is in the CLIPS, where I highlighted the 'no blame' section which you bracketed so prominently with arrows. A correction inserted in your blog post would be appreciated. See my entry on 'recent blogging' from today's CLIPS below...

RECENT POSTS: Bernice posts from Seattle, where she is on vacation. Olddoc is in rewrite on a pearl he wants 'just so' before casting to the swines. Maria thinks Plainfield Dem factions should make up. Councilor Burney likes the Citizen Campaign's 'no blame' clause. BOE member Renata Hernandez reports at Standing In The Gap, on the Family Success Center's open house for parents, and the difference between blogging and blah-ging. Milani Hernandez at PEPTalk: A PPS pupil's perspective, reports on seeing the play 'Confirming the Search'. Teacher blogs Dr. E=MC², ponders 'the Rhee effect'. Plainfield Sports News reports the Linden-Immaculata game (Cardinals face Immaculata next week).
Thanks and best regards.

Dan Damon

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On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 12:15 PM, Rashid Burney wrote:
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Councilman Rashid Burney

Councilman Rashid Burney Posts New Blog Entry

Is Plainfield ready to take on responsibility and ownership for itself? Are we willing to change our political culture? Are you ready for a ownership in Plainfield's future? Are you willing to take responsibility? It's a lot of work I warn you.

See my blog entry on this matter I wrote yesterday. For some reason Damon choose not to include it in his non-partisan CLIPS today, so I am coming to you directly.

Click here to read this.

Why did Dan Damon choose not to include it in his CLIPS? I don't know but maybe you should read my blog entry for yourself. You decide!
Thank you!

I always welcome your comments and criticisms. This is how we move forward with an honest dialogue not rooted in political factions. I welcome your comments on this blog entry.

Councilman Rashid Burney
1127 Watchung Avenue
Plainfield NJ 07060

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry Dan - this is Rashid looking for a "piggy back ride". He needs your blog to direct others to his blog.

What can I say . . . you are famously known. Plainfielders and others look you up.

Congratulations on your success!
Dan you are the MAN!

Anonymous said...

Didn't he lose the election. So does he really have anything to say

Jackie said...

I feel snubbed.

Yep I Said It! said...

H m m m . . . notice he -RASHID- is already BLAMING Dan for not posting his blog. What was that he said in his blog??? Something about a "blame game"?

Tsk tsk tsk!!!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't there when I checked your clips this morning, Dan. Glad you added it, but too bad you needed needling.

No, I'm not Rashid. Just somebody who reads your clips.

Anonymous said...

Burney was absolutely silent on the issue of elected officials until now. Sounds like sour grapes. That's pretty funny. I guess now he will have to pay his own like the rest of us. He said nothing while receiving full benefits for himself and his family for years. That's pretty funny. Maybe he should have given up his benefits years ago, he had the opportunity to save us money for his two terms. The height of hypocrisy if you ask me. Why wasn't this part of his campaign platform? That would have made me think he was sincere. Oh, he probably thought he would win and would be able to keep the benefits. Forgive my cynicism but he sounds like a hypocrite filled with sour grapes. Soon he'll be gone and at least not costing me the amount of his benefits.

Anonymous said...

Its all part of the Rashid extreme makeover. Just wait and see if he runs for Mayor in two years as the new and improved Rashid. The honest broker and champion of the little people. He learned his lesson about playing with Green, now he will become an independent voice, echoing all of the negative comments made towards the government.