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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Plainfield cable TV starts 7th week without active programming

Today marks the beginning of the SEVENTH WEEK without regular programming on Plainfield's cable TV stations (channels 34/FIOS or 96/Comcast).

There has not been any regular programming since September 7, when two hard drives failed at the time of a 'brownout' in the City Hall Annex, which was detailed on the Cable TV Advisory Board's blog (see here).

Advisory board chairperson Lamar Mackson advised a week ago that the consultant, who was owed approximately $2,300 by the City, had been paid, and the new hard drives were set to be shipped two weeks ago tomorrow.

"Once they are here and installed," Mackson said, "the station will be up and running."

Checking this morning, I still find the scrolling message advising programming is down and will resume 'as soon as possible'.

The city's website has no mention of the problems with or status of the cable TV station or when regular programming might resume.

Should you stay tuned?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

You mean that whole big stand-by generator put in did not work ?? Let's hire a consultant to look into it !! [Once the election is over and we see which firms are the winners]

Bob said...

I haven't seen much on the city TV station that's worth watching. How many jobs could we save if we dropped it all-together? I'd rather have city jobs saved than some election gimmick for Jerry and Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Let's go back to the electronic bulletin board that ran day and night on ch 74 during the time that political crony and current council candidate RW was in charge of the station, and a hefty salary plus benefits.

Anonymous said...

I should have say "former" political crony.