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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission's website launched

Screenshot of a page from the HPC's new mini-website.
Plainfield's Historic Preservation Commission new mini-website (see here) certainly shows the City what could be done to make ITS OWN WEBSITE more useful. And that is what folks want of a website -- USABILITY, SUITABILITY and PREDICTABILITY.

And pretty much GEW-GAW free.

As people turn more and more to their CELLPHONES to access websites, those cutesy little showy but useless Flash thingies -- you know, swirling headlines that swell and contract before resolving into a line of text like in the corners of the City and School District websites, and, unfortunately on the HPC page too -- are a distinct annoyance as they are INVISIBLE to users of iPhones and other smartphones. What's the point of making your information unavailable?

Anyway, back to the excellent HPC mini-website.

There is everything one needs to know about Historic Preservation in Plainfield -- the ordinance governing the HPC, design guidelines for historic districts, lists and maps of Plainfield's historic districts and agendas and minutes of the HPC.

What more could one want?

How about links to useful preservation resources -- windows, roofs, solar panels, directories and preservation organizations?

And preservation news.

And a photo gallery of Plainfield's historic districts.

And links to Plainfield history resources.

And of course, to the City's website, which -- though it sports much more timely community information now under IT honcho Chris Payne -- is still pretty much a hekdish.

Congrats to the HPC!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice site and quite informative.

Dan - I did not see any problems with viewing the website on my browser or phone - Perhaps you need to change your settings on your browswer. Are you viewing the website on and IPhone? I don't see any problems

Blackdog said...

We need the Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission to remind us of how great this city used to be , as opposed to the sorry state of affairs it is in today!