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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yet another cop busted for solicitation of a prostitute

Times may be hard in Plainfield, but at least one area of economic activity seems to be thriving: Hooking.

As I was working as a challenger for Rebecca Williams yesterday at Evergreen School, word came that YET ANOTHER Plainfield police officer has been arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute.

The officer was relieved of his badge and gun and his arrest was processed by the Union County police, with the alleged 'john' being issued a summons and released.

I am told he has been suspended, though with or without pay I do not know at present.

As I said before (and will be following up on soon), the real issue as I see it is whether these accused officers get any DIFFERENT TREATMENT from that of Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig, who allegedly used his city computer on city time to arrange an assignation to which he traveled in a city vehicle on city time.

What was it Orwell said?

'All animals are equal; some are just more equal than others'?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Hellwig doesn't have a gun and badge to take.

Dan said...

What DOES he have that the other guys have? Job? Pension?

robert.bolmer said...

Our administration in Plainfield leaves no one to doubt that Plainfield is deep in the "Soprano State" and our state, county, and local administrators are all called "Don" when the public isn't listening.

Hellwig should have been fired for using a city vehicle, computer, and phone to find his toy boy on city time, as should these officers if the charges are proven true.

Rob said...

I stand firmly behind the police officers. 3 days suspension with no pay. That's it, end of story. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
I hope someone contacts the News organizations about all these incidents and gets them to ask Queen Solomon about the wisdom of her treatment of Hellwig and how come he gets treated better than the officers under his command...

Anonymous said...

I stand by my comment to the last arrest, get rid of them...all three now!
To let others get off with the suspension that Hellwig received is just a joke. Should we just let them all do whatever they want and only give them 3 days off.
They have caused the city way too much embarrassment. keep on cleaning house, I'm sure the honest hardworking cops in our city are very grateful.

Purge us of the bad apples. Hellwig won't be here forever, especially with crime going back up!

Rob said...

per the anonymous comment of "To let others get off with the suspension that Hellwig received is just a joke" technically, I agree. But, the Mayor of this city made her bed and she should have to lie in it. HER PERSONAL PICK, HER EMPLOYEE, HER GOLDEN BOY got 3 days suspension for doing the same thing except on city time, in a city vehicle, USING TAXPAYER GAS and on a city owned computer to do the SAME EXACT THING. IF and I say IF the officers are to be judged, them they should be judged by the same code and moral standards as their superior. IF they are guilty then at least I can respect them enough for keeping the local economy in mind.

Anonymous said...

I wish it were as simple as that Rob. What about all theh hard working HONEST cops in the city that are disgusted and embarrassed by all of this. The cops should get over because the political director did. i say again, get rid of them all! And then let the mayor keep trying to explain why crime is up and the police division is dangeroously understaffed. Is going to take the killing of a police officer for the mayor to wake up and realize that Hellwig is in over his head?

Rob said...

I agree absolutely with your response anonymous, Seriously. That's how it works in a city with a real government working for the people, not herself and the man pulling her puppet strings. It IS unfortunate that the hard serving dedicated police officers of this city have to have this on them as well, but the fact remains...the hot mess of a Mayor set precedent with her "pretending" Hellwig's incident didn't occur. The higher you go in rank and command the expectations and responsibilities are much greater and therefor so should the punishment when things go wrong. The officer's example of punishment for wrong doing was right out there for everyone to see. To judge them differently: NOT FAIR. The mayor made her bed, let her lie in it. She should be forced to explain to the news organizations why the difference in treatment is playing out....FOX News for another visit to Plainfield anyone????

Anonymous said...

I guess the Plainfield tax payer is not the only one getting screwed.