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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rashid's last, gay-bashing and misleading, mailer

Rashid Burney and Jerry Green fans will not want to miss Rashid's last mailing piece in Plainfield's Wards 2/3 primary race, posted online (see here or below) in case you didn't get it in yesterday's mail.

Besides a series of fallacious bullet points, each of which is the evil twin of the truth -- as for Muhlenberg, just recall how they tried to shut her down from taping the public hearing in Plainfield; or on endorsing Obama, who Rebecca backed while Jerry Green was still bitterly holding out for Hilary; or baseless allegations about Dr. Gallon, whom Rebecca doesn't even know -- there is a charming gay-bashing letter from Plainfield Dem chairperson Assemblyman Jerry Green. (Note the figures cited in the piece are all culled from the OPRA request Rashid announced he was filing last week.)

After reading the piece, you may be forgiven for feeling the 'Shame!
Shame! Shame!' headline really belongs on the intrepid teamwork of Rashid and Jerry.

You can register your disapproval by casting your vote today for Rebecca, on Column D. Polls are open until 8:00 PM.


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Charles Weltner said...

That letter was from Jerry not Rashid. Have you ever tried to tell Jerry to do something or not do something. It doesn't work.
And how is it "gay bashing" to call someone openly gay. The whole point of being openly gay is you don't care who knows you are openly gay.
Charles Longstreet Weltner, Jr.
(an open gay)

Anonymous said...

Didn’t Jerry receive the glowing endorsement of the Garden State Equality group? I wonder if they have been made aware of his homophobic endorsement of Rashid.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...I read the letter from Jerry Green. No I'm not a Green supporter by any means but where is the "gay bashing?" Is it because he states that she is "openly gay?"

I'm not debating, just asking for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who Jerry Green endorses is NOT GETTING MY VOTE. It's automatic.


Anonymous said...

Dan, as one who knows I must agree that Jerry Green is despicable and uses any misinformation and lies to get a political edge. He can never do so on issues and neither his lackey Rashid. I know for a fact that Rebecc has never met not to mention know Dr. Gallon. And Dr. Durham was hired in a month of Dr. Gallons arrival by the infamous Dr. Bailey. My fear is that Plainfield voters will once again be dupes by lies and hate mongering fr the likes of Jerry Green. We see already where the Grand Slam team is moving the district with their victory on a campaign of hate, lies and deceit. Estevez, Burwinkle, Pyles and Cox we blew it by not electing you. Shame on the voters.

robert.bolmer said...

I liked much of what Rashid Burney did in the city council, but his ties to Mayor Jerry Green and Assistant Mayor Robinson-Briggs has left me with questions. I have no questions today as I go to vote. Williams is definately getting my vote after I read the garbage Burney allowed to be published in his name. Shame on you Mr. Burney. I respected you so much and you have ruined that.

jhnevermore said...

Dan, I honestly don't see how this is gay-bashing. I for one, have never seen Rebecca or her partner Denise at any gay rights event anywhere in New Jersey, and I have been to scores of them. Nor have I seen you and your partner Nate. While she was an employee of the city, she was also a close confidant of the previous mayor, and did not do anything to get domestic partnership benefits for gay employees of the city, like yourself. One of the first things Rashid and Sharon did was open up those benefits. So please dont' say Jerry is gay bashing. He has been one of the lgbt community's biggest advocates in the Assembly and has voted the right way on every one of our issues.
Joan Hervey

Anonymous said...

Dan, I really don't see how this letter is gay bashing. Rebecca was a city employee (as were you) when the NJ Domestic Partnership law was put in place in 2004. This was under the previous mayor's administration, and you were both close confidants of that mayor. Why was the DP law not put into effect in Plainfield until Rashid and Sharon did it as one of their first official acts? Both you and Rebecca were in a perfect position to advance lgbt rights in Plainfield and set an example for other towns, but nothing happened. It never even came up for a vote. Why?
I have never seen Rebecca and her partner Denise, nor you and your partner at any lgbt events or rallies although I have organized and/or been to scores of them over the years. Saying that she has not done anything publicly to advance gay rights is neither gay bashing nor prevaricating. It is the obvious truth.
Please remember that Jerry Green has been one of the lgbt communities biggest allies and advocates in the Assembly, and has voted the right way on every lgbt related issue that has come his way.
Joan Hervey

Anonymous said...

There's no gay-bashing in this piece, you are lying. Again.

Jan Jasper said...

Dan, did you actually read the mailer? It's from Jerry Green not Rashid (no, they're not the same person). And I read the flyer twice and I saw no 'gay bashing' - to use your phrase.
Dan, Plainfielders expect better from you.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing gay-bashing about this mailing. Are you so busy writing that you don't bother to read what you're writing about?