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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rashid: The Movie

A supporter of Rebecca Williams in Plainfield's Wards 2/3 Dem primary race has posted a brief movie to the web. See below.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

The only thing I would have done differently in the video is to show one of those Photoshoped pictures that Rashid has on his site, (you know the ones endorsing him) with him and Jerry holding each other arm in arm. The shot would be titled “Tales From the Crypt”.

Anonymous said...

It appears as if this movie is not posted by a supporter of Rebecca Williams, but by Ms. Williams herself. Just go to youtube and look up her profile, not too hard to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Plainfield Today is the Fox News of Plainfield. That makes you, Dan Damon - its Rupert Murdock.

Anonymous said...

Gee Dan. . .there you go again!

The actual YouTube say's Rebecca posted it.

Not a "supporter" as you mentioned.

I am loosing track of the number of retractions you owe the good folks of Plainfield.

jim spear

Anonymous said...

I guess this is for those who didn't get that lying piece of garbage from Rebecca in the mail? Thanks for showing all of us what she will stoop to.

Anonymous said...

I went to youtube and found this from Rebecca4Council. So it's not "a supporter" it's Rebecca herself. Shame on both of you!

Anonymous said...

This video was sent to me--it contains the same information the was on one of the mail pieces.


IndividualVSPoliticalMachines said...

Rebecca did NOT create this video. I am the "friend" who sent it to Rebecca after receiving viral emails from Rashid Burney and his campaigners asking for my support while spreading lies about Rebecca. I saw what that "slimey" Jerry Green and his "mini-me" Sharon Robinson Briggs did to the Councilman Mapp's campaign for Mayor and I had ENOUGH!!! I tried to post it on my facebook page and it wasn't working so I decided to just forward it to Rebecca with a message to PLEASE POST IT!

I am so very proud that she did!