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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why I am voting for Rebecca today

Wards 2 and 3 are half Plainfield's residents, taxpayers and voters.

Plainfield voters will cast ballots today for Democratic candidates in Ward 1 and Wards 2/3 at-large races. (The GOP primary, in which Jim Pivnichny is running unopposed, is another matter.) I will be voting for Rebecca Williams, not Rashid Burney or Don Davis, and here is why.

From the manicured lawns of Pine View Gardens to the neat homes of Brisbane Estates, from the quiet, shady neighborhood of St. Bernard's/St. Stanislaus Church to the neat but troubled block facing Neighborhood House, from hidden neighborhoods like Lewis Avenue to lighthouse landmarks like the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District, Wards 2 and 3 encompass half the area and half the population of Plainfield.

Rebecca Williams has pledged herself to represent ALL of the two wards' constituents, and has shown her gumption by going door-to-door through the neighborhoods of both wards.

At a recent Council-sponsored Town Hall meeting at Cedarbrook School, candidate Rashid Burney was put quite on the defensive by residents who asked where he had been for the past four years, only showing his face now that there was a primary election.

I am voting for Rebecca because she will truly represent all the residents and taxpayers of Wards 2 and 3.

I am also voting for Rebecca because she will not be beholden to Assemblyman Jerry Green.

A friend remarked the other night, with some distress, that the race between Rashid and Rebecca was 'putting people in a position like that of the Civil War, pitting friend against friend', which was too bad, especially since a groundswell against Jerry Green's misleadership had coalesced over the years (with the leadership of the New Democrats, I might add).

In the first instance, Rashid was never -- well, except perhaps for five minutes after Al McWilliams helped secure his seat on the Council -- among those who feel Jerry is a misleader. Rashid does play a coy game, seeming to blend in at time, chameleonlike, with a wink and a roll of the eyes, but he's never been caught verbally biting the hand that has fed him so well.

For those who think that Plainfield's future begins and ends with Jerry Green, I know I am wasting my breath.

For those who think Jerry's 'leadership' has saddled us with incompetence and self-absorption in the mayor's office, missed opportunities for development at every turn, and continued vassalage to the whims of Union County Dem chairperson Charlotte DeFilippo, there is an option.

A vote for Rebecca is a vote for a truly unbought and unbossed Democrat.

Join me.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

In TRUE Jerry Green fashion, Councilor Burney's turning off of the comments on his blogs speak as loud as his silence on the Hot Mess of a Mayor in Plainfield and the Bumbling Part Boss Jerry Green.
As I have said before...It's more than obvious Jerry Green and Sharon Robinson-Briggs have ZERO SHAME and SELF RESPECT...the surprise is Councilor Burney, a seemingly intelligent business person has decided he wants to associate himself with those 2.

robert.bolmer said...

You points are well taken, and though I respect Mr. Burney, I cannot put up with anyone alligned with Jerry Green or our current Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Gee Dan. . .

You certainly have a right to support the candidate of your choice. Though, I am still confused as to who the election you speak of is for. . . .

Your blog post today talks about an election race between You and Jerry ??

It's your median and you may do as you please. I do appreciate your posting my rebuttals.
Thank you. But you missed a golden opportunity these last few months to move our town forward.

My best to the winner, my support to the winner,
and here's to a better Plainfield.

jim spear is signing off . . . (for now)

Anonymous said...

Consider it done. this town has gone downhill since Al....waydownhill!

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to be surprised? Who has been churning out the garbage from the new dems slime machine if not you?

Anonymous said...

I voted for Burney

Anonymous said...

Hey, but what about Don???? let's hear it!