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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Connolly Properties: Management changes?

Connolly information has been painted out of sign.

Plainfielders have had a (welcome?) break from news about local real estate bad-boy Connolly Properties recently, but the fate of the management of nine properties is expected to be resolved soon, I believe.

Not having heard or read anything (Mark Spivey is surely going to get an award for 'most ink spilled' in covering a story) on the progress of the situation, I was startled last night while waiting for the red light to change to see that Connolly identification had been painted out of the sign in front of The Ritz, the apartment building at the corner of West 7th Street and Central Avenue.

Though not one of the nine properties at which the changes are expected, I wondered whether something has already taken place.

Or perhaps disgruntled residents were simply making their own comment?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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robert.bolmer said...

Connolly is still working to be the worst slum lord in Planfield's history. Where I live a 735 Park Ave. we have had ongoing bed bug and elevator problems. The elevator took a month to fix this time and residents who moved here in May are planning on moving already because of the unresolved beg bug problems and constant elevator problems. So many people complain, but I keep trying to tell them to call the city building or health inspector. Don't call the mayor's office. It's not an election year and the mayor is unresponsive.

Jackie said...

Our signs are all still intact where I live although Connolly got the boot. Our elevator still isn't working, though.