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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend shootout at Green Brook Park has disturbing characteristics

Shooters fired from the woods at rear into the parking area.

Further -- and disturbing -- information on Plainfield's Memorial Day weekend shootout at Green Brook Park is emerging.

All I knew Sunday evening was that there had been gunplay in the area of the playground as Brother Al Stembridge's Unity Cookout was breaking up.

I have since been told that the incident is a further escalation of the hostilities between two rival gangs. Allegedly, members of the West 3rd Street gang lured Libside gang members to the Green Brook Park locale, near the porta-johns in the driveway of the playground area.

When about twenty (I am told) 3rd Streeters opened fire on the Libsiders from the woods behind and above the porta-johns, the Libsiders fired their guns in turn and then fled.

A commenter on my earlier post had just arrived with her daughter to use the playground and reported --
There were many children there at the time the gunfire went off. THose bastards could have shot an innocent child or adult. We had just arrived at the playground and were getting our daughter out of the car when my husband was scoping the scene and saw a large group of men wearing white tees and jeans descend down a hill. Hubby thought they looked suspicious and confirmed his uneasiness when he saw several of the men put their hands on their handguns concealed under their clothing. He told me, "those men are armed, let's get out of here". We didn't even put our little girl into her carseat and made a hasty retreat out of the playground parking area....60 seconds later we heard about 6 gunshots and when I looked out the rear window I saw people running scared down the road behind us. We pulled over when we were far enough away to put our baby in the car seat and I called 911 to let them know there was trouble. I was shaken up and worried for the innocent people and children there. Mostly, I was thankful my husband was with me because I did not notice anything suspicious and had I been alone with my daughter, I would have proceeded to the playground and would have been too close for comfort when the shootout began.
Some folks may be relying on all the hype generated over the past year about how dramatically crime is down, and may just want to view these most recent shooting incidents as 'a spike' that will go away.

I am reminded of the comment by reader Frank D'Aversa, who says 'a shooting is just a murder that was unsuccessful'.

Here are some of the truly disturbing characteristics of the weekend melée, which should give pause to anyone who takes this over lightly --
  • The incident did not take place in the usual gang territory;
  • It took place not at night, but in the daytime;
  • Large numbers of gangstas were able to get to the area undetected though police are supposedly on high alert; and
  • In a busy county park on a holiday weekend, with many innocent attendees at a barbecue put at risk.
After the much-touted 'Operation CeaseFire' of a couple years ago, there has not been much discussion or evidence of a 'gang task force' in operation, even though gangs are suspected of being behind most of the violence and gunplay in the community.

The thought that innocent Plainfielders may be put in danger in daytime as well as at night, and in 'safe' neighborhoods as well as those thought less safe, should disturb everyone, not least city officials.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

The fact that you reported it is what makes you "part of the problem" according to this administration and her party Boss Jerry...Burying your head in the sand is the way to solve problems according to them.
- This is the problem. If "her honor" cared she wouldn't be preaching to Vets on Memorial Day against gun violence in Plainfield. She would go to places where this has been a problem and it has been curbed or solved and find out how to start finding a resolution. But, this would involve admitting you and your boy running the police department need help and don't have a complete grasp of the situation. And that's not going to back and enjoy the ain't gonna be over till the gangs decide it is! And not a moment before...
- I would love to see the City Council drag her in front of them and ask for an explanation on how this is going to be solved..But, since Burney won't call out the Mayor because she is Jerry's lapdog, we know nothing of substance will be resolved by doing that.

robert.bolmer said...

Unfortunately, assistant Mayoy Robinson-Briggs seems to be asleep at the wheel again. Why they were stupid enough to replace a successful police chief with an inexperienced civilian is beyond me. Politics as usual and our safety is the cost. I hope the city asks for help from the state and federal government to stamp this out. Lock up these hoodlums, shoot them, I don't care. They have given up their right to be treated humanely, as their behavior shows they will kill anyone for their petty squabbles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. I guess its not news worthy for Courier of Star Ledger. Not even on Plaintalker shocking. Gues its being kept hush hush can't embarass the City and all.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious why I have seen no report of this so far in area newspapers or on their websites. i would think it would be big news.

Anonymous said...

I'm told that the highly touted Ceasefire Unit was disbanded and the responsibility of investigating shootings went to the Narcotics Bureau, who subsequently did a great job. Due to politics and hurt feelings the duties were taken away from Narcotics and given to the already overburdened Detective Bureau.

There is no Gang Task Force to speak of at this time. Just an undermanned police force with their finger in the dike!

Anonymous said...


So, you have a visioning study to make Plainfield a "transit village" and "walkable" ... but NO PLAN on how to make the town safe to walk.

A TRUE visioning study, not political BS, is to map out a plan to clean up the town.

Clean out the human trash. That means you need competent police. Competent does not include a police "leader" who is jerking off (literally) on city and taxpayer time.

Set standards for all types of violations and enforce them, not just on the "rich" but on EVERYONE. This town likes to punish the people who CARE, and lets the scumlords and people trashing the city off scot-free.

Start making the town uncomfortable for the criminals, instead of a great place to be.

If this trend continues, anyone decent will move and leave the town to the gutter rats. Guess that's who Sharon and Gerry want in town. Then they can cry they need more state and federal aid for the poor "underprivileged", and more money can be siphoned to the county Democrat machine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info, yesterday's NY Times had an editorial on crime being reduced in this recession. Excellent read .

Anonymous said...

Recently the mayor and her cohorts also put pressure on 2 captains to retire from the force as well. Add that to layoffs and hiring freezes and this is just going to get worse!