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Friday, June 25, 2010

Christie restores some state library funding, affecting Plainfield

Plainfield's library is a cultural and architectural gem.

Despite facing continuing financial pressures locally from an apparently hostile mayor, the Plainfield Public Library (along with 303 others across the state) received some good news from this week's budget compromises in Trenton.

The proposed budget would restore sufficient funding to the State Library for it to continue to subsidize services that local libraries have come to depend on, including Internet access for patrons; access to online magazine, newspaper and scholarly journal databases; and the continuation of interlibrary loan services, through which borrowers are supplied copies of books not found in their local library (see story here).

The restored funding will also guarantee that the State Library will meet its match amount for continued federal funding of some programs.

Both legislators and NJ Library Association executive director Pat Tumulty credit intense library advocacy with the restoration of funding.

While the Plainfield Public Library will benefit from the continued offering through the State Library of Internet and database access as well as interlibrary loans, we are still in the opening phases of discussions about the city's FY2011 budget and the library's funding in it.

Library Director Joe Da Rold and a host of those who would be impacted by cuts in library funding made the case for restoration of funding cuts made in the past year at last week's City Council meeting (see story here).

With the library forced to cut back evening hours, the Robinson-Briggs administration's cuts have left some sixty community organizations that depended on the library for meeting space scrambling to find alternatives.

The cuts have also affected the library's award-winning literacy program as well as its computer classes and job-search assistance programs.

The City Council indicated it would be looking more closely at how to ensure the library receives adequate funding in next year's budget and what its alternatives are if the Robinson-Briggs administration pursues further cuts.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said... we can't George Bush, we can't blame Chris Christie....I am truly at a loss who Jerry and Sharon are going to blame now. Santa Claus ???? I mean, they've blamed everyone else except themselves and Santa for the problems in Plainfield. Here's to an TRUE ASSET TO THE COMMUNITY ( capital letters so Jerry and Sharon can read it better )!

Anonymous said...

Rob, you seem to be so locked into your own retoric that you can't get out. It's too bad because although you could have so much to say, you wind up saying the same thing over...and over...and over....

Why not get involved instead of continually casting blame? I do assure you getting involved is more fun and its a way of dealing with frustration.