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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Democrat Rebecca Williams crushes Burney in primary

Council President Annie McWilliams congratulates Rebecca on her win.

Plainfield's Democratic voters decided overwhelmingly in today's Wards 2/3 primary that they want a candidate who will work to represent the half of all Plainfield voters and taxpayers who live in the two wards, which stretch from Scotch Plains and Fanwood in the east to South Plainfield and Piscataway in the west.

And that is why they chose Rebecca Williams as the party's standard-bearer in the November general election.

Here are the unofficial results --


The consensus at the New Democrats headquarters seemd to be that Plainfield Democratic chairperson Jerry Green should be thanked for the assistance he lent the New Democrat campaign by his ill-starred mailer in support of Burney that arrived in folks' mailboxes yesterday (for an online version see here, where it will live forever).

Signs of the three Democratic contenders
outside Evergreen School.

Councilors Adrian Mapp and Cory Storch, both of whom have been unflinching supporters of Rebecca, helped kick off the evening's celebration.

Among those who came to Williams' headquarters to offer their congratulations were candidate Don Davis and his mother, Marie, as well as Council President Annie McWilliams and her mother Darlene, widow of the late mayor Al McWilliams.

As of 9:30 PM, neither Councilor Burney nor city committee chairperson Jerry Green had called directly to offer congratulations to the victor.

Class act, no?

PS: Those who were impatient about my not putting up comments from Election Day until tonight should be aware that I was working on behalf of my candidate, not pining around my laptop. The comments have all been posted. All.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

The paper says Rashid called at about 9 pm to congratulate Rebecca. Maybe you weren't listening?

Dan said...

@ 6:27 AM -- I was there. If Burney called someone, it wasn't Rebecca. No matter what the paper says.

robert.bolmer said...

Congratulations!!! Jerry and Sharon beware. You are next!

Yep I Said It! said...

Somebody's lying . . . is it the paper as 6:27am states??? Is it Dan or is it ME who agrees with Dan??? Now I would say 6:27am is not lying. And . . . the paper is not lying. I would have to say someone lied to the paper and the paper lied to its readers.

Well . . . if you lie prior to the campaign and you lie during the campaign then why not lie after the campaign.

Well at least we can most definitely say Burney is very much CONSISTENT.

Burney DID NOT CALL!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should ask Rebecca if she received a call.

Prof. Williams said...

Hi, all,

Last night, I think sometime around 10 pm or so, Councilman Storch was speaking to Rashid, and he handed his cell phone to me. You would have to ask Cory to check his cell phone for the exact time that he called Rashid. Anyway, Rashid congratulated me on my win and pledged his support in November.


Anonymous said...


Rebecca won 50% of 22% which is approximately 11%. That means that about 90% of the people in wards 2 and 3 could care less.

You call this crushes?

Dan said...

Hey 2:11 PM -- You didn't finish your math problem...

So, Rashid got proportionately fewer votes than Rebecca, meaning folks weren't too interested in coming out to vote for him.

If your point is low turnout, what do you propose to get people out?

Meanwhile, as the lady from Oakland once said, A win is a win is a win.

Grin...and bear it.

Anonymous said...

Not the point, Dan.

The point is that about 90% of the people in the 2/3 Wards either don't care who represents them, or didn't like any candidate so they didn't vote. @ 90%!!!!

That is a shame.

Dan said...

@ 9:58 AM -- And what did you do to ensure more than 10% turned out?

If you weren't working for one of the three candidates to win, what were you doing?

And if you were working for one of the candidates, how do you explain your failure to get more voters out?