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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why can't you all [Dems] just get along?

Having a contested Democratic primary makes some Plainfielders -- especially relative newcomers -- uncomfortable, as I learned talking to one such person in recent weeks, when they asked 'why can't all you Dems just get along'?

My first response was to ask what they thought about the contested presidential primary in 2008 -- with Barack Obama (the upstart, self-described 'new' Democrat) pitted against Hillary Clinton (the consummate insider, machine-obligated pol) -- to which the answer was, 'But that was important!'

Well, a contested primary election in Plainfield is every bit as important!

In a community where
Republicans are outregistered vis-a-vis Democrats by a factor of ten-to-one, it is not unfair to conclude that the most fundamental decisions about Plainfield's future are made by those who vote in the June Democratic primary.

It may be a sad commentary on the viability of a true two-party system, but just about the only way voters can exercise small-d democracy is in the Democratic arena. (As one friend, who had for years been a Republican when living in another state, concluded when moving back to the area, and switched their party registration.)

So, in the first place, it is an exercise in democracy.

Secondly, with a local Democratic machine in place that is tied into the politically bankrupt and corrupt pay-to-play system that infects New Jersey, the only opportunity to strike a blow for good government, public competence, taxpayer relief and transparency is to join together as a bloc to form a progressive counterweight to the overall downward pressure of the prevailing system.

A cause worth fighting for? What is so bad about that?

Unless you think that being left cradle-to-grave to the tender mercies of Assemblyman Jerry Green and Union County Dem chairperson Charlotte DeFilippo is a really good thing.

If Plainfield's New Democrats can stand up and articulate their principles, don't you have to wonder why Green and DeFilippo don't seem to do the same?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

-- Dan, I feel the need to point out an error you made in this article...You mentioned principles in the same sentence with Green and DeFilippo. If you were attempting that tongue in cheek, you should have thrown Mayor Sharon in there as well...

Dan said...

@ 9:20 am -- The mayor? Articulate principles? Hmmmmm.....

Anonymous said...

A contested race is Democracy at it's best. Unfortunately Democracy is messy!

This years race plays New Dems against Old New Dems and is not only messy, it's confusing.

Why aren't the New Dems supporting this great public servant, Rashid Burney?

On two occasions I have questioned the New Dem leader in my Ward as to why they aren't supporting
Rashid. The answer was confusing. It turns out there is lot of political pettiness involved, but the
jest of it is the control of the Democratic City Committee. The leader of which chooses the party line. Jerry Green is currently the Committee Chairman.

The New Dems; Linda Carter, Corey Storch and Rashid Burney all have/or will be running on the Regular Democratic Party Line. . . .I don't get it. . . isn't getting the line and running on it the point?
Why aren't folks attacking Linda and Corey? Linda is running on the line, and Corey does in the general election. So did Annie McWillains. I'm so confused.

Rashid Burney, Don Davis and Rebecca Williams all asked Jerry Green for the line. Rashid got it!
I am so proud of him. He crtainly deserves it. His long list of accomplishments proves he is the
most eligible.

Rashid has been so successful because he has formed consensus and built bridges between
the parties. Isn't this a good thing? Isn't that what is lacking in Washington?

I am sure you all will help me become 'un-confused'.

jim spear

Anonymous said...


Indepenents and 3rd parties are always welcome, and that councilman Bramnick did more good for plainfield as a republican that most people sitting up there do.

Alan Goldstein said...

The real shame are those elected members of the Plainfield City Democratic Committee who vote to hand over the committee's authority, via its chairmanship, to Assemblyman Green, a non-member.

Mr. Green then pulls the strings, chooses who gets the committee's support without a vote, and sits back and collects campaign booty from an array of non-elected city officials, engineers, auditors, contractors, developers, and attorneys who do business with either the city, PMUA, or the school board.

Ask me and I'll tell you it's high-time for the PDCC to act as representatives of the Democrats in the city and not as tools of Party power-brokers with get rich schemes.