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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Primary 2010: Time to move on

Signs of 2010's contested Democratic primary.

Despite the fact that today marks two weeks since Plainfield's contested Democratic primary was resolved by Democratic voters in favor of Rebecca Williams, I continue to get comments on blog posts from those who are disappointed at the outcome.

It seems that comments on Plainfield Today during the campaign were considered as an important way to get the candidates' points of view across, especially given the different approaches of the candidates to feedback (Burney -- see here -- did NOT take comments; Davis -- see here --
DID; as DID Williams -- see here).

Whether or not anyone was swayed by comment-lobbing on Plainfield Today is impossible to tell.

At any rate, Williams clearly carried the day, as can be seen by reviewing the district-by-district results (along with maps) which I posted online (see here). With 21% of registered Dems in the two wards voting, there is simply no disputing that the voters have spoken, clearly and forcefully.

Now is the time for those who are true Democrats to do as Rashid has done --

...[I] congratulated [Rebecca] on her win for the Plainfield City Council seat for the 2nd and 3rd wards.  I pledged to her my support in her fall campaign...
-- and pledge their support in the fall campaign (see his full post here).

I hope that those who are disappointed will grow to appreciate the strengths Rebecca Williams will bring to the table if she is elected, and that they will not hesitate to challenge her to represent them as well as Rashid has. Fair-minded people may even be surprised to find that she is likable, capable and reliable, qualities that might have a familiar ring.

Whether or not they support Rebecca, there is ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE open to them: Blogging.

Plainfield is distinguished by its rich blogging milieu (find me another community of any size in New Jersey that has TWENTY-ONE folks blogging on a more-or-less regular basis!). There is certainly room for more bloggers at the table -- whether or not they are Rebecca supporters.

So, if anyone feels impelled to blog, they are welcome and I will treat them on CLIPS just as I do all the other bloggers commenting on the life and times of Plainfield, NJ -- providing only that they post on at least a quasi-frequent basis (I am the decider, as GWB said).

But there is one alternative that is now officially closed off.

I will not be posting any more comments regarding the 2010 Dem Primary.

Trust me.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I agree that we need to move on. We need a stong City Council, especially with our fiscally irresponsible mayor. I hope our future will be bright, and it will if the City Council keeps the welfare of Plainfield's citizens in mind and the city's residents do the same.

Anonymous said...

AMEN and well said.