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Sunday, September 13, 2009

SID block party, PMUA fair lively despite clouds

Plainfield saw both
the PMUA's Environmental Fair and the SID's Downtown Block Party held yesterday despite clouds and an occasional sprinkle.

The PMUA's 10th annual Environmental Fair at Library Park drew a decent turnout, with a highlight being an appearance by the PHS marching band and dance squad (too bad the City couldn't have gotten them for the July 4th Parade -- they are spiffy in their uniforms!).

The Plainfield SID's 'Downtown Block Party' on Saturday was bright, festive and lively with several hundred onlookers who applauded brightly dressed dance troupes performing folkloric dances of several countries, including Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

With the block between Park and Watchung Avenues reserved for pedestrian traffic, and a sound stage set up near Al McWilliams Plaza, both sides of the street were flanked with booths hawking everything from Latin American food specialties to tee shirts, from homebuying information to free dental screenings.

Despite the unwelcoming weather, the crowds showed an enthusiastic response to the SID's first block party effort. The contrast with the concerts in the plaza this past summer could not be sharper.

Let's hope for more such happenings.

-- Dan Damon

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Debra de la Mer said...

What does SID stand for? This could have been clarified in the article.

Anonymous said...

It was nice of the PMUA to spend our money on fun and food. How much are our rates going to go up after this affair? Why dont they spend the time and money to teach Plainfielders not to litter?

Anonymous said...

The way the downtown area looks and the train station area looks,why would any one want to spend $280.00 per month plus $280,000 to purchase condo in the Plainfield downtown area? Where are they going to shop? at 99 cent,and liquor stores? With all the shootings and stabbings going on in the downtown area I would not want to live where it takes 30 minutes for an amblance to arrive. Plainfield needs HELP!!! It needs a new Management team !

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, and why we live in Plainfield. Hopefully next year will have more businesses who have landed in Plainfield and more participants.

Dan said...

Apologies, Debra!

The SID is the Special Improvement District, a geographically bounded area within which merchants and property owners assess themselves an extra amount above their property taxes to be administered by a board they select, for activities designed to market and enhance the business district.