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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Green sets Dem Committee meeting for Friday

Assemblyman Jerry Green, chair of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee has called a meeting of the committee for Friday evening.

The notice mailed to city committee members states the agenda as being 'the upcoming election'.

As Jerry said in a recent blog post (see here) --

I have been approached about being the Speaker but at this particular time I want to concentrate on getting Corzine re-elected as Governor and Linda Stender and myself re-elected for the Assembly of the 22nd District. I would prefer to spend my time working towards victory in November.
Getting Corzine re-elected certainly is the main challenge facing Democrats this fall. All the other races pale in comparison.

In that light, it is interesting to note that the announcement of the committee meeting including an invitation to a meet-and-greet for candidate Jon Corzine to be hosted by a Plainfield resident, Gerry Harvey.

Leadership members of the City Committee have previously expressed concern (as have I) at the lack of an aggressive campaigning presence by Corzine to date (his two most recent appearances have been under cover of night, without prior notice -- unlike his appearance at the South Plainfield Labor Day Parade, which was touted for days beforehand).

The puzzlement has been whether this has been owing to Assemblyman Green's ability to get Corzine here or the Governor's reluctance to visit Plainfield, where there are some raw feelings.

At any rate, we can only be glad that he is finally making a pre-announced appearance.

Guests are traditionally welcome at meetings of the City Committee and I certainly hope that is true tomorrow, though some elected members of the Comittee were threatened with arrest when they arrived for the June reorganization meeting, at which Chairman Green held a rump meeting of the committee which failed to fulfill the bylaw requirements and then ran over into the time announced for the City Committee reorganization meeting.

The ruckus surrounding the bouncing of legitimate members of the committee from that meeting and the role of the police who were hired for the meeting is being looked into by the Police Division's Internal Affairs unit.

Hopefully, tomorrow's meeting will be better organized and run.

Plainfield Democratic City Committee Meeting
Friday, September 11, 2009
7:00 PM

YWCA of Central New Jersey
232 East Front at Church Street
-- Dan Damon
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Anonymous said...

The truth: Assemblyman Jerry Green has no chance of being asked to be the Speaker for the Assembly. This claim is a political stunt in this election year. How do I know? When one is as close to NJ politics as I am, you know.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone be glad Corzine is coming to town?

"At any rate, we can only be glad that he (Corzine) is finally making a pre-announced appearance."

Even IF you are a die-hard democrat, how can anyone vote for this guy? Just because a daycare center opens at over $12,500 a pop?? It's ludicrous ... check out the tuition rates at TCNJ, Kean or Rutgers. Daycare cost more than college!!!! Just because Plainfield is an abbott district, it costs the taxpayers, on the whole, a lot of friggin money. I've never seen such insanity in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Concentrating on being re-elected is a wise decision by King Jerry. Accepting such a position at this time would onl be a short lived eperience since "THE PEOPLE" have finally opened their eyes and will seek any other candidate to replace the PUPPET MASTER.

Rob said...

WOW.. Per anonymous at 3:35AM on Sept's almost like I wrote it. Except of course I would have sealed it with a , " LIKE JERRY HAD A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL AT GETTING THE SPEAKER OF THE ASSEMBLY POSITION. That takes respect from your peers..and it's obvious, he ain't got it ! But, please Jerry, your integral part in getting ole' Jonny reelected. That's what you'll be remembered for isn't it. >> Fast Forward 10yrs in the future: " Jerry who???"