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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Central American Fiesta continues today

Fried platanos

Throngs jammed a city parking lot for Plainfield first-ever Central American Independence celebration yesterday. The event continues today from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Here are a few of the snaps I took while strolling through on Saturday.

Food, food, food...

My next door neighbor Aliyah enjoys herself

Flank steak, grilled Colombian-style

The mechanical bull that tossed nearly everyone

This young woman did better than many of the guys

Boy enchanted with blowing bubbles

Cotton candy, magically spun before your very eyes

Going back today -- great music, and you gotta try the grilled corn slathered with mayo and then rolled in grated sharp cheese. Yum!

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

I was downtown yesterday and I did not see 1 AMERICAN FLAG ! The people who were attending and running the event all showed their pride for their country by flying,displaying,hanging their flag.Has Plainfield turned into little Central America ? Most vendors did not speak english but the understood the American $$$. One person was sick and was told to go to the hospital ER Muhlenburg where it wasn free to get care. Have we lost our America?

Dan said...

11:38 AM --

I want to try and understand.

First of all, you could not have walked all over, because you would have seen American flags in many places, but especially a large one at the rear of the tire repair place that is on the edge of the lot.

As for 'most vendors' not speaking English, I had no problem with food or other vendors understanding my English.

Unless you are 100% Native American, you must be the descendant of immigrants. Was no foreign language ever spoken in your home, or a foreign flag ever displayed?

Where I grew up, Italians, Poles and Germans were talked about the same way you are talking. And, if they were Catholic, it was even worse.

Is America worse off because these groups are now OK?

Rob said...

Here Here Dan !! Way to say it. My grandmother's family was here for 200+ years and still spoke French and German in their household into the mid 1900's. She and her family were no less American than I am today!

Anonymous said...

Let's get this great celebration day out for next year. Just like the Feast of St. Anthony or San Gennaro, who doesn't like good food, great music and a happy festive atmosphere?

Anonymous said...

That flank steak on that grill looks amazing when being cooked! I love the look of it. I don't eat beef, but I bet it was good!

Anonymous said...

I was at San Gennaro on Saturday--although it's incredibly crowded, it was a lot of fun--the food choices were out of this world! Remember "Ethfest" under the McWilliams administration? That was some food and cultural festival. They should bring it back! The festival here this weekend looks like it was great fun and food--the pictures are fabulous, Dan! The commenter at 11:38 am is disingenuous, as you pointed out. There were plenty of American flags--I always see an abundance of American flags at Latin American festivals--I have been to plenty. I ask a question about 11:38 am's question: Who is the "we" and "our" in America?