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Friday, September 25, 2009

The gods punish Dan for leaving early

The gods punished me for leaving the Plainfield City Council meeting last night before all the public comments were heard. You will want to read Bernice (see here) for an account of a merchant giving the lie to Assemblyman Green's assertion on his blog that --
It ... gave me great pleasure to have been able to work with the organizers over the last six months to make this a huge success. (Emphasis added -- DD.)
You can read Jerry's full post on his role in the Fiesta here, and my 'deconstruction' of it here.

The whole thing brings to mind Rep. Barney Franks' question to a woman at one of his town hall meetings, "On which planet do you spend most of your time?" (see the video on YouTube here).


Rob said...

I would love to say it surprises me. The sad part is of course, I and many others would love to set the record straight for Jerry on his marketing website, ooops , I mean, his blog, but we can't leave comments. In fact, I just had an idea. Someone should set up a blog called, " Jerry's Comment" page where we could all leave the comments that we would post on his page if he allowed true, open and honest commentary on his "blog".