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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mayor Sharon

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

Got a call from a Plainfield resident as they were leaving City Hall one day last week after paying their taxes to ask why I was not at Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' birthday bash, which was being celebrated in City Hall Library.

City employees were invited to attend ('please wear red, white, or black, the Mayor's favorite colors') and there was, of course, food.

Though folks were asked to bring food to share, I am told there was plenty that appeared to be caterer-provided.

One wonders if the taxpayers gave the Mayor the party.

I recall another Mayor whose parties were the not-to-be-missed event among his followers, but he had to give them up when he went to jail.

No cloud like that shall pass over Plainfield's City Hall.

Happy Birthday, Mayor!

Many happy returns.

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

yeah...I'm going to pass on my wishes. Per taxpayer paid...honestly, wouldn't be surprised, although one would hope once, just this once, common sense would have taken hold. Not betting my paycheck on it, but without hope..what have we got? Oh, that's right..Mayor Jerry and his puppet

Joan Van Pelt said...

Well Dan, Jim and I weren't invited to the birthday bash either. I was taken aback to see that both parties are putting forward Libras as their candidates. Jim will be celebrating his birthday on Tuesday by attending the council agenda meeting. I urge others to wish him well - no special colors required and no food at the expense of either taxpayers or his campaign. Joan

Joan Van Pelt said...

My apologies to all Libras and Virgos as well as anyone else who is into astrology. Jim and his adversary were born under the sign of Virgo - not Libra. JVP

Anonymous said...

Where is this money coming from? We had to squeeze money from the budget so that the taxpayers would not have to pick up a 10% tax increase - so where is this money coming from?

Dan, how do we find the expense report from this bash?

Anonymous said...

This woman irritates me in ways I don't understand!