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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mayor Sharon needs to clarify Bibi Taylor terms

It didn't take long after Plainfield mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' appointment of Bibi Taylor as Director of Administration, Finance, Health and Social Services until City Hall was abuzz over her work schedule.

Even such a masterful communicator as the Mayor may sometimes needs to tweak her message.

The buzz started because the new Director does not come to the office on Fridays.

While Mayor Robinson-Briggs may not have bothered to explain the deal to employees, it seems that it did come up with the Council in the advise-and-consent process for the $106,000 post and that though Taylor would not be in City Hall on Fridays, she was to be a full-time employee.

In government parlance, that means 35 hours per week.

Besides the mayor clarifying things, perhaps the unions will want to note that this is in effect the creation of a flextime schedule for an employee.

Something they may want to put on their lists as they approach their next contract negotiations.

-- Dan Damon
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking out for the citizens of Plainfield and their money, mayor. Great to know that in these strapped times, with people-IN PLAINFIELD- not having a job, you give someone a day's pay for nothing. Great.

active citizen said...

I'll take $60,000 a year and work a full 35 hours, including Fridays. I have two bachelors degrees and masters degrees and a great deal of management experience. Why can't I do the job and save the city a bundle of money. I think those kinds of salaries are outrageous for a city of our size and the person better be gold plated to get such a salary.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Active Citizen. The salary is in line with what the corporate world would spend, the problem is that in the corporate world, you have people who know how to hire, and there is an expectation to work.

Anonymous said...

This must be trend setting to the rest of the employees ... a 20% reduction in pay for one furlough day a week. Lead by example!! Although I am surprised she did not get a car also !!

Dan said...

Folks, I think you're missing my main point -- about Mayor Sharon not letting folks know what's going on.

I happen to think Ms. Taylor is well qualified, and only time will tell whether she does well at executing her responsibilities.

Mayor Sharon's not being up front about Taylor's arrangement erodes the trust necessary for employees to feel that all are being treated equitably.

Mayor Sharon needs to clarify: Is Taylor putting in 35 hours per week? Or does her salary ($106K) represent a discounted salary for four days and a full five-day week would net her about $126,500?

And, if flextime is OK for one, is it going to be OK for all?

I appreciate that in this difficult economy there are many qualified folks out there who could -- and would -- do the job for less, but as we all know, just being ready, willing and able is not necessarily qualifying when it comes to top slots at City Hall with this administration.

An upcoming one that folks COULD influence will be the IT manager slot expected to get final passage Monday......

Anonymous said...

The mayor and her administration has always had a credibility problem, which is self induced.

The mayor should not even be able to decide that this person only works 4 days a week. This city is in bad shape and needs someone there 7 days a week, let alone less than 5.

The mayor not telling the troops is SOP for her. What is troubling is that it is able to occur.