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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What did the Mayor learn? Will she enlighten us?

Plainfielders will be interested in a statewide mayors' meeting yesterday in Trenton to confront reduced municipal aid from the State (read more HERE).

Sponsored by the League of Municipalities, mayors pressed the Corzine administration for an update on last year's proposal by the League to give municipalities the right to make up lost ground on revenue by imposing 'local option taxes'.

It got nowhere last year, but is still a live topic as mayors must grapple with reduced state aid, increased fixed obligations (salaries, pensions and healthcare), and -- in Plainfield's case in particular -- FALLING TAX REVENUES.

There are only three questions:
  1. Was Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs there?
  2. Did she learn anything?
  3. Will her most excellent communications staff give us the news?

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