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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slimemeister Green avoids Gibson's true cost to taxpayers

Plainfield's slimemeister strikes again!

Assemblyman Jerry Green's political style (you didn't think these campaign mailers flooding your mailbox were the candidates' idea, did you?) rears it ugly head in the final weekend's REALLY NASTY mailings.

On behalf of Council President Harold Gibson, who COULD NOT WIN A SEAT IN AN OPEN ELECTION (he ran and lost against Councilor Burney, who still sits in the seat Gibson could not win), the same Harold Gibson who had to serve the party machine for 50 years before -- at age 72 -- he could get a seat on the Council, Jerry Green attacks Annie McWilliams for her YOUTH.

As if being young and savvy were a crime.

And as if being old and toeing the Democratic machine's line were a virtue.

Sadly, Assemblyman Green fails to give Gibson credit for the REAL service he has given to the UNION COUNTY DEMOCRATIC MACHINE.

While trying to give Gibson credit for everything except inventing sliced bread (who knows?) -- singlehandedly reducing crime (does his undershirt have a Superman logo on it?) and working (once he woke up) alongside Jerry Green (once HE woke up) on the Muhlenberg closing -- he fails to mention the most compelling example of Gibson's UNPARALLELED FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE, costing the taxpayers $650,00 for his partisan political activity.


As Union County's Public Safety Director, Gibson approved the appointment of a political hack, the unqualified son of a Democratic mayor, as Superintendent in the Division of Weights and Measures, part of the Public Safety Department.

The well-qualified longtime employee who was passed over sued Gibson and Union County and won $300,000 in her first suit, which alleged discrimination job. In a second lawsuit to compel Gibson and the County to appoint her to the job instead of the mayor's son, the County agreed to a settlement of $200,000 in her favor plus a pay raise to the Superintendent's level, but without giving her the job.

Another applicant who was more qualified than the mayor's son who was appointed also sued. He won a settlement of $150,000 for Gibson's and the County's discrimination against him. (You can read about the whole sleazy business on The Countywatchers blog here.)

So, I would agree that Council President Gibson has
UNPARALLELED FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE: his partisan behavior has cost you, dear taxpayer, $650,000.

Skip the cornball sleaze in the last mailings from Assemblyman Green's team (including one for Don Davis due in your mailboxes today) and focus on the real question: Do we need a change from the 'same old, same old' in Plainfield?

I think so.

That is why I will be voting for Annie McWilliams (6E) and Adrian Mapp (7E) on Tuesday, June 3, and hope you will too.

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-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

You go Dan. Thanks for the raw comments. I too am voting for Anne and Mapp.


Anonymous said...

I notice in the picture above this story Abubakar Jalloh who at the time, was one of Jerry Green's legislative aides. He was the one driving Sharon around town when she was running for mayor, even though he was a STATE employee. This was illegal and a misuse of taxpayer funds.Well now Mr.Jalloh is now assistant municipal clerk. He is not even certified and he is working there. Isn't that interesting???

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks for making me an overnight celebrity by featuring my picture next to Jerry Green in yesterdays post! I'm honored!

But knowing how clever you are, I am still trying to figure out the motive behind using that picture.. Especially given the fact that you could have easily cropped me out!

Could it be my stunning looks!? Or perhaps implying that I am the mastermind behing "slimemeister" Greens glosly mailiers and commercials. Or maybe even as a reminder to people that the dashing young man working down in Clerks Office once worked for Jerry Green! Who knows!?!

Anyway, thanks for the publicity!

-You know who

Anonymous said...

If Plainfield is an example of what experience gets you in a city councilor, give me Annie and Adrian.

Hopefully, we will start looking for a mayor now and get a war chest going. Let's get going on bringing a better Plainfield to us all.