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Monday, May 5, 2008

Muhlenberg hearing tomorrow is crucial

The state's hearing on Solaris' application to close Plainfield's Muhlenberg hospital is tomorrow -- Tuesday -- evening, 6 PM to 8 PM at Plainfield High School. It is important to have a good turnout, in spite of the fact (as olddoc points out here) that the hearing is
PURPOSELY scheduled for normal peoples' dinner hour. Parking is available in both the Stelle and Kenyon Avenue parking lots as well as on the street.

See Dottie Gutenkauf's update and information on registering to speak (or submit written comments) here:
"Muhlenberg update from Dottie Gutenkauf".

One good idea that has been put forward by the 'Buy Muhlenberg' group is that Muhlenberg's license be kept active, in reserve for a possible sale.

Meanwhile, the word is that Solaris has refused to schedule ANY activities for Muhlenberg after June 15, and that in-patients will be relocated to other facilities as of that date.

Solaris is doing everything in its power to ensure that a rescue does NOT take place.

-- Dan Damon

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