The needler in the haystack.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Slideshow: FOSH, VWB, Lifeline Yard Sales

Earlybirds, as usual, drove hosts crazy for several Plainfield organizations' annual garage sale events yesterday.

Though the official starting time was 9:00 AM, several hosts told me they had earlybirds at 7:00 AM, while they were getting their first cup of java and figuring how they were going to arrange their wares.


FOSH's annual sale is truly the biggest, with over a hundred homes participating. The Van Wyck Brooks Historic District is planning to use the proceeds of donated items at one of its participating homes to bolster their funds for an expected court battle (yet again!) over the proposed Abbott Nursing Home expansion. The Homeless Animal Lifeline organization got a nice boost with several hundred dollars raised at a multi-home yard sale on Watchung Avenue.

Attendance was brisk in the morning at almost all the venues, though by the time I got out around noon it had clouded over and crowds were thinning somewhat. Even so, at 3:30 PM I still got caught in traffic jams on several streets as gawkers hit the brakes to pull over and load up on 'necessities'.

Thanks again to all who participated in drawing a big crowd to the Queen City!