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Friday, May 9, 2008

Green, McGee: Hopes of Muhlenberg rescue 'grossly misrepresented'

Solaris CEO John McGee has moved to tamp down hopes of a rescue of Plainfield's Muhlenberg hospital through the good offices of the Somerset Medical Center.

In an email that was broadcast on Wednesday, McGee said that he had spoken with both Assemblyman Green and Somerset MC's CEO Ken Bateman and that both had assured him the Courier story (see here) on Bateman's interest in helping was 'grossly misrepresented'.

McGee further cited a retraction issued by Bateman over the article --
Somerset Medical Center has made no announcement to purchase Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center. At the request of State Assemblyman Jerry Green, the center agreed to talk with interested parties to explore partnerships. The headline in Saturday’s Courier News was unclear on this.
The message from James Street appears clear -- All hope abandon ye who enter here.

-- Dan Damon

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Augustine said...

I felt all along the "dog and pony" show put on buy our local pols, was just window dressing. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt - drinking the kool-aid about a chance to save the hospital. Common sense told me that it was a done deal once Solaris went public - risking their public reputation at the same time. Sometimes I need to listen to common sense.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it may be a good idea for all those concerned to write Mr. Bateman and ask him to please consider a merger as thousands of lives depend on it. Here's the address:

Mr. Ken Bateman, CEO
Somerset Medical Center
110 Rehill Ave
Somerville, NJ 08876