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Monday, May 19, 2008

Should Chris Christie look into Don Davis DWI?

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One of the unresolved issues in the Don Davis DWI case is what happened to the paperwork the Plainfield Police Division says it faxed to the Scotch Plains prosecutor.

Here is an email to me that asks an interesting question --


Do you think that U. S. Attorney Chris Christie should be called in to investigate what happened to the paperwork the Plainfield police faxed to the Scotch Plains prosecutor in Councilman Don Davis's DWI case?

Plainfield police officers are fuming that they are made to look like they dropped the ball when they faxed over to Scotch Plains everything they were asked for.

Would Christie be able to find out if someone is pulling political strings to get Scotch Plains to undermine this case?
Isn't confidence in the fairness and competence of the courts undermined when simple things like faxes go astray? What do you think?

Why haven't the Scotch Plains judge and prosecutor put this whole thing to rest by disclosing what happened to the faxes?

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

And while he's investigating the DUI, how about the conflict-of-interest in representing the city council at the PMUA while PMUA pays his travel expenses to Washington?

Anonymous said...

Even better than that -- how about if the people of Plainfield voting him out of office? Davis' behavior is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

How about asking Christie to investigate white republicans? How about not wasting far more tax payor dollars on something that in the general scheme of things is insignificant. I am not weighing in on whether the actions of Davis are appropriate. My only point is that I do not like, nor appreciate witch hunts which have devasting, negative results on the targets and their families. Too many political investigations have gotten out of control, and to what end? A prosecutor has the ability to indict a cabbage and find a law that will require a conviction. It could happen to YOU!

Agree with anonymous, if you don't like Davis, vote him out of office.

Anonymous said...

This should be easy to look into. All they would have to do is check the fax transmittal record from the police department to show when the fax was sent, to what number it was sent to and how many pages there were. If the number of pages matches up to what the police deparment have for the discovery, it should be a done deal. And the receiving fax record should also be asked for to confirm the fax transmission.

Anonymous said...

My husband belongs to the same fraternity as Davis and he is quite angry but there is a code of silence that they will not speak out against him. He has been a disgrace in my opinion and he should be voted out in favor of someone who won't be reckless with our money or the reputation of Plainfield!

Dan said...
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Dan said...

To commenter #3: The question is: How can people have confidence in a system where important documents go astray? And no one is held accountable for it? How could this happen? As for white Republicans, the last I looked Scotch Plains was pretty white and pretty Republican.

truman said...

It is concerning that commenter #3 attempts to make a point by lumping white republicans into a discussion around the criminal act of driving under the influence and the secondary concerns of citizens about the lack of transparency in how this case is being handled. Regardless of the lack of proper technology or instruments, there is a case to be made against Mr. Davis. Is this insignificant? Absolutely when we compare topics like a specific action of a representative versus the plethora of concerns that citizens of Plainfield have about the quality of life in their city. However, simply dismissing the concern by citizens who have a right to have a respectable representative is simply destructive behaviour, not to mention the fact that this commenter has diverged from the topic at hand and simply pulled the race card. Shame.

Negative results occur to the targets and their families? How about the people like all the citizens in this area whom have to share the road with with drunk drivers? I wish Mr. Davis a quick trial and if he is found innocent he can get back to redeeming his persona in the minds of many, until then it is absolutely acceptable that people may question his right to remain an elected official.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will Don Davis show up tomorrow at the sham "Women for Progress in Plainfield" meeting that Jerry Green's cronies, you know, those old stale political hacks he likes to surround himself with? Who are the Women for Progress in Plainfield? It reminds me of the Women Across the City sham candidate forum put on by Jerry and Sharon Robinson-Briggs that was hastily scheduled up against the League of Women Voters candidate forum when she was running for mayor. What "progress" have these women made? How many of these groups is Jerry going to put together? How about M.A.D.D. for Mothers against Don Davis? I for one am curious about how Davis is going to behave. I hear his frat brothers are really upset about this black eye and don't want their name to appear anywhere on his campaign literature.

Anonymous said...

Regarding comment #1, the travel expenses incurred included hundreds of dollars of restaurant tabs. I think a good working relationship among various city entities is good, but a "cozy" relationship is where the problems begin.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to the remark about 'white' republicans..Plainfeld is neither and certainly can't lay a claim on honesty and integrity.