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Saturday, May 17, 2008

FOSH, VWB garage sales tomorrow

FOSH's Garage Sale is a major Plainfield event.

Looks like the weather gods will favor Plainfield's huge garage sale day tomorrow.

With over a hundred homes and thousands of attendees, the FOSH (Friends of Sleepy Hollow) garage sale is the grandaddy of them all. Cleverly marketed by FOSH over the years with lots of paid publicity, and with all the paperwork centralized to make it easier for homeowner participation, the event draws the largest crowd of visitors to Plainfield of any annual event except the July 4th Parade.

The success of the FOSH garage sale has led others to hitch their wagon to 'the star'.

The Van Wyck Brooks Historic District will host a district-wide garage sale, same hours as FOSH tomorrow as will a multi-family sale on Watchung Avenue in support of homeless animals.

Several nonprofits use the sales to raise funds for their worthy causes, and you may want to consider starting your day's shopping at one of the following --
  • FOSH: The Plainfield Symphony will benefit from sales at 900 Charlotte Road
  • FOSH: The Plainfield Humane Society benefits from sales at 1443 Evergreen Avenue
  • VWB: The Van Wyck Brooks Historic District benefits from sales at 935 Madison Avenue
  • Homeless Animal Lifeline: This nonprofit benefits from sales at 1326 Watchung Avenue
The sales run from 9 AM - 4 PM (2PM for the Homeless Animal Lifeline), and maps for the locations of the FOSH and VWB participants are available at each location.

[A special note on the VWB: This group has won a significant battle against expansion of the Abbott Nursing Home in its district, which leaves it facing legal bills once again, since the nursing home owners have appealed the decision. Proceeds will help greatly to preserve the district's character and integrity.]

You know what to do...

Shop! Like Plainfield depended on it!

And you can even find FREE stuff!

-- Dan Damon

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