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Monday, May 12, 2008

A Muhlenberg Mother's Day

While Plainfielders of all sorts celebrated Mother's Day with their moms, wives and families, I thought of how special yesterday was for one Muhlenberg employee, the grandmother of my godson.

It was the last Mother's Day she will ever spend as an employee of Muhlenberg, which she has faithfully served for many years as an unskilled hourly employee.

She does not drive and relies on public transportation to go everywhere she needs to. She has no real portable skillset and will find it very difficult to make even the modest income she does at Muhlenberg. She is disadvantaged by being too old to appeal to potential employers and too young to qualify for Social Security. She is an important source of income for her extended family, some of whom -- including my godson -- live with her. She worries about how she will make ends meet -- food, rent, and insurance.

She is a modest person with a strong religious faith and she does not complain, but her situation will be difficult if not untenable once the hospital closes.

And she is just one of how many more that we are unaware of?

What will become of them?

-- Dan Damon

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