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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Voter: I support those who support their mommies

Helping elderly parents who are financially overwhelmed is
something to be ashamed of, say Jerry Green and Vera Greaves.
A volunteer phoning on behalf of New Democrats for Plainfield candidates reported to me Monday evening that a woman in the First Ward was incensed about the Jerry Green and Vera Greaves mailer attacking Wards 1/4 candidate Dee Dameron for 'living at home with her mommy'.

'Honey,' the voter said, 'I support those who support their mommies'.

The voter went on to say that she herself had to make personal sacrifices so that her elderly parents could stay in their Plainfield home when the taxes became more than they could bear.

Assemblyman Green and his handpicked candidate for Wards 1/4, Vera Greaves, did themselves no favors by attacking Dee Dameron in this way. With taxes as high as they are and elderly people pushed to the limit, it is only praiseworthy to find adult children willing to sacrifice to help their parents.

One more reason to vote for Honest Ethical Leadership for Plainfield.

Vote today for Cory Storch (Ward 2) and Dee Dameron (Wards 1/4) and for your Dem city committee candidates, Column C all the way!

If you live in Ward 3, it is especially important to get out and vote for city committee candidates.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I will NOT support any candidate that feels it is wrong to take care of a family member, no matter what! Family will always be family. A candidate or Assemblyman for that matter, will eventually go away!