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Friday, June 3, 2011

Rucker, Green, New Dem mailings coming

From a New Dems mailing.
As Plainfield's Democratic primary careens into its final days (the election is next Tuesday), you can expect your mailbox to fill up with candidate mailings.

The first New Dem mailing, in support -- and giving an overview -- of candidates Cory Storch, 'Dee' Dameron and the fifty-five individuals running for seats on the Plainfield Democratic City hit resident mailboxes beginning Wednesday. A second mailing, contrasting the opposing sets of candidates, will start arriving in mailboxes today.

Assemblyman Jerry Green's mailing will portray New Democrats as 'Republicans', which I find laughable. The piece seems to be the same one Lesniak forces are using in Elizabeth, with some Plainfield-specific language being plugged in.

The Green mailing piece, paid for by his campaign committee, urges the election of Rucker and Greaves as well as Green himself. It appears to be the only mailing piece on which Green's handpicked Wards 1/4 candidate Vera Greaves appears. (For more on Green's selection of Greaves, see the Green video posted here).

Rucker's piece mimics a longstanding New Dems format (yes/no columns), and lists as reasons to vote against Storch the same items found in Mr. Eke's email (see here). Rucker characterizes himself as 'a Democrat with a backbone'.

Instead of a paragraph about himself, Rucker provides a list that includes a couple of items that left me scratching my head --

  • 'Banker and Commercial Broker' -- Is this current or past? Just what IS a 'commercial broker'? A little clarity wouldn't hurt; and

  • 'Member of the plainfield Housing Authority Committee' -- What does that mean? Whose committee is that? What does it do?
The real deal is the candidate forum which FOSH, under the leadership of its president Pat Turner Kavanaugh, put together this past Tuesday at Cook School.

The city's public access channel was on hand to tape it, in the person of PCTV Advisory Committee chair Lamar Mackson, and the complete unedited forum will be broadcast several times over the coming days on the city's Channels: Verizon 34 and Comcast 96 (see schedule on the Facebook page here).

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Just got the Tony Rucker flyer...after quickly reading it...there are at least 10-11 spelling, punctuation and just plain not making sense fragments..if you are to believe the misplaced that a picture of what is to be expected??? Doesn't he have access to a proof reader?.... And how much is $1.000.000?... And do we have another hospital...MUEHLENBERG ...

Anonymous said...

What a doozie those mailings were. How could you spell Muhlenberg wrong???

If I can't trust a candidate to be fair an open with comment posting, how could he be fair when he's in office? I know of 4 people who have posted to Tony's blog and their comments were not "approved" This is typical of the Green camp.