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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Did Mayor Sharon do a good deed, finding jobs for organizers of gang truce?

Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs

Did Mayor Sharon do a good deed and find jobs for some of the organizers of Plainfield's gang truce?

The following comment on Plainfield Today's June 9th story on the shooting incidents between the East 6th Street Posse and the Liberty Street Gang came in last night --

Tayir..!!! said...
Hello, plainfield residents my name is tayir pugh and yes iam one of the guys from the truce that took place..and I see alot of people gotta lot to say about alot of things like they were born angels..the truce was made and since that day it has been held up!!! I see alot of feedback from anonymous people, personally I think its a shame that a person has to hide when expressing there feelings, thats not my cup of tea. The mayor is a very wonderful person and I think is doin a great job cause if she wasnt then why is she the MAYOR? Remember she was voted in by the citizens but it seems everyone forgot that... Everybody that criticizes her wat she has done needs to take a look in the mirror and asked themselves "am I perfect" ?. Things take time to change !!! the people that got jobs from the mayor (3 of us that made the truce) works very hard! Call the job and asked about us..sorry to you naysayers that didnt get the memo! And my name is a "TAYIR PUGH" by the way, I do the anonymous thing im too outspoken for that, something like a MAN before anything! & the pancakes were great! Lol nice soft and fluffy..(but there's nothing soft about me or anybody that was there)!!!! I guess thats why Im so outspoken and dont hide behind my feelings & words!
First, let me say I have no way of knowing if the writer is indeed Tayir Pugh, which is just the way anonymous comments work (you can see the comment on the original blog post here, and the original Courier story by Mark Spivey on the gang truce here).

Secondly, the writer refers to three of the truce's five organizers getting jobs 'from the Mayor'.

I'm sure Plainfield residents would appreciate an update from Mayor Robinson-Briggs on this good deed.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it's Tayir..

the phrase "not my cup of tea" is quite in with today's youth.

Bob said...

This is exactly why I don't trust this mayor and I'm sure many others don't either. I've heard a lot from people who were previously Sharon supporters, but are not opposed to her. Sounds like Sharon's tricks. How many gang members spend time reading blogs? I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Is this story for real?

Anonymous said...

I wish all the best to this young man as he and his friends enter the world of honest and gainful employment. Learn your job, develop your skills, and seek more responsibility, and advancement in this or another job will come. You probably can qualify for financial aid to attend our community colleges or other schools to gain greater skills, Find a good partner for life and avoid living beyond your means and I think you will be able to meet and exceed life's challenges. God in your life doesn't hurt, either. -Richard

Anonymous said...

Exactly what jobs did the mayor get for these 3? Did they go through an interview process? Are they full time jobs, do they get benefits, and what qualifications do they have? I know a lot of people who are out of work and who would love to get city jobs. Please tell me they are not working in recreation. I know there's many people who applied for jobs there.

Anonymous said...

@ richard thanks for the good advice, it is well appreciated...for bob its okay to express your feelings, everyone is entitled to there own opinions. (what would life be without one?)....just to correct you for the record im not a Gangmember but if that is what you prefer to call me then so be it, iv'e been called worst! And yes I have alot of time to BLOG, it's "theraputic" for the brain! (whats your reason?) You shouldnt judge or beleive everything you hear about a person, before meeting the person yourself. Im not your average so called gangster that you portray me to be, I happen to be a very nice person if you get to know me. Sorry but that may never get to happen because your "perfect and im NOT" ( maybe you should run for president and stop the war that our country created) im sure you can do that overnite mr. perfect! And to that "anonymous" person your comments dont count in this debate because you dont wanna play fair and reveal yourself, probaly scared of your own shadow!!lol "HAPPY FATHERSDAY" from Tayir Pugh..

Anonymous said...

Tayir Pugh one the things you could do to help all of us in Plainfield is to start your own blog. Tell us how you see things in Plainfield and in the world from your point of view.

In order to solve Plainfield's problems we need everyone's input, criticism and feedback.

Anonymous said...

@Tayir Pugh

I am going to stay behind Anonymous for safety reasons. I am pretty well known here in Plainfield and I don't need to be welcomed by a drive by.

However -Since you are brave enough to put yourself out there -where are you working? And -if you don't want to say where then what type of work are you doing?

I checked Facebook and there is a Tayir Pugh posing with his hand as though he has a gun. "Scarlett Letter" is just as good as ANONYMOUS and so is Tayir Pugh. You see Tayir -the "mayor" has been and continues to promote Plainfield as a city of crime, gangs and foreclosures.

Like 7:29AM stated your "style of language" doesn't come correct. And IF you are being straight with Dan Damon's readers do you expect US to take you into our arms and HUG you?

How can a mother know you aren't the one who popped a cap into their son?

Don't drop any GEMS -show us a GEM.


Anonymous said...

If there are any gangsters out there they may be of great service in helping the Police solve some crimes. My car was vandalized, garage broken into, sister had her bathing suit pulled at in the Seidler Field pool, local store had goods stolen from them, and the smell of marijuania is often on my street. Help us arrest those responsible, then I will consider you a useful gang member in Plainfield.

Anonymous said...

@9:25am -

If Tayir is real and not just another ANONYMOUS how is this going to help US? SOMEONE is introduced to Plainfield Today blogsite and all of a sudden this anonymous person becomes a SAVIOR?

If Tayir is real then, I would believe- IF he began his own blog he would have to present himself and if he did that he would be putting himself out there. So -that AIN'T gonna happen.

So Sharon and Jerry need to stop with their TRICKS and let this LIE (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Maybe the job seekers in Plainfield need to commit some criminal acts and then call the mayor and say "I'm sorry, can I have a job too?" Sounds easier than writing a resume and sending it out. Let's put in an OPRA request for the gang member names and see what positions they were given. I am sure the City employees who were laid off would love to know.

Anonymous said...

Tayir sounds somewhat educated - use of language is curious, but spelling and punctuation needs help.

Who is this guy? Tayir, where do you live and what do you do for Plainfield?

This sounds like a set up.

Anonymous said...

You know one of the main reasons PMUA was set up was to provide jobs for reentering ex offenders. It became a huge boondoggle for croneys and lapdogs, but I for one, think it could have been a great solution. Maybe there is something to look at there, from that perspective.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's crazy how this Mayor gave jobs to these so called truce gang members when these same guys have brothers or relatives who was just indicted with that FBI sting and just might not be out of the clear just yet, but our good ole Mayor hired them as ONUS workers, now my nephew just went in there to get s job they told him they wasn't hiring. Wow how is this so, do he have to be a criminal to get a job nd why are these guys getting paid to pick up trash or clean up the town. I'm gonna contact our government and ask them to look into this matter, u ask me maybe these guys going a little bit more for this Mayor. Fire there butts and make them work for free bring they are or were dome of the problems in Plfd. Mark Spivey where are you when j need your blog. Smh