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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tony Rucker, thief?

A copyright will protect you from PIRATES.
Tony Rucker, thief?

Seems so.

Rucker, Jerry Green's handpicked candidate for Plainfield's Ward 2 seat, has violated the copyright of a California composer in an attack video prepared for the Internet.

The video, which accuses candidate Cory Storch of being on the take from the PMUA, attacks the New Democrats, and characterizes the Plainfield Democratic City Committee as 'a New Democrats shell organization', features a dramatic and sinister-sounding musical background.

Tony's problem is that the music is lifted from a video by another Plainfielder, who LICENSED THE MUSIC FROM A CALIFORNIA COMPOSER, WHO HOLDS THE COPYRIGHT.

Rucker never sought permission or paid for the use of the copyrighted material.

The composer will file a complaint with the online video service later today (Thursday), demanding that the video be taken down.

What's the lesson in this for Plainfield voters?

Whether the misuse of copyrighted material was done ignorantly or on purpose, it underscores a loosey-goosey relationship Rucker has with facts and a shallow regard for the law.

Hardly characteristics one would endorse in a candidate for public office, don't you agree?

Should Tony's question be turned back on himself? Should Tony be accountable by Plainfield voters?

[NOTE: Anonymous comments have been turned back on. -- Dan]

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Dan that's the best you can come up with today?

Eight is Enough!

Bob said...

Like Sharon and Jerry, it seems that Tony has little regard or knowledge of what's legal and acceptable. I can't vote for anyone like that and won't. Someone has to have ethics and I don't think Tony does.

Anonymous said...

Other than the fact that Cory Storch had a campaign account when he ran for office, no factual information is contained in this spot, which anyone who can view the entire spot will soon figure out -- too bad they don't have a 14-year-old to help them with YouTube videos!

Anonymous said...

Dan Damon, hystericist? Come on, enough with the convoluted petty claims and counter claims. Why bother with this silliness when Rucker lays it out for you on a platter on his blog:

"If I am elected to Council here is what I will do: Within the first week, of being elected, I will make a determination if PMUA is on the right track. If they are not, then those PMUA Commissioners who are not on board with a reform agenda, I will ask for their resignation."

Make a determination about precisely what? Right track to where? Unilateral determination? Why wait until after the election? What secret facts does Rucker think he'll be privy to that aren't public knowledge? He'll ask for their resignation? Sure, and I'll ask to win the lottery. Neither will get our wish, so then what? He'll ask the governor to intercede, like the gov doesn't already have enough on his plate?

It's all just blowhard political bulls--t. Come on, Tony, man up. You have the platform, your blog. Give us some real plans, with real facts and real benchmarks. Then maybe we'll take you seriously. Otherwise you're just like all the rest of them, Christie, Jerry, et al, who flap their mouths but never actually say what they mean, probably because they really don't have a plan, at least not one they're willing to talk about in public. Is that you? Do you have a plan among your friends but don't want to discuss it in the open? Come on, tell us.

Anonymous said...

Not unlike Rebecca using the Black Eyed Peas song in her campaign video??? I dare you to publish this Dan-o.

Anonymous said...

Does either candidate have the nerve to talk about a real issue:
what are they going to do about the inevitable reduction in police and fire services in upcoming budgets?

Anonymous said...

I don't see any such video on his blog or campaign website.

What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Glad you turned anonymous back on. It was presumptuous of you to decide that people who wanted to comment had to state their names. There are many reasons folks want to be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Dan, yesterday Rucker was a liar and today he is a thief? Sounds like he'll fit right in with the current administration! Just who are you stumping for anyway?

BTW - the Hitler / Goebbels comparison was a bit over the top, even for you!

Anonymous said...

In Rucker's latest commentary some comments talk about the money being funneled. Here were my comments even though he won't post them.

Thanks for that video. What that shows me is whoever gets the line gets the money from the PMUA funneled through the Dems (new or old). How are you any different? Have you seriously taken a look at where your money came from? Even if you won't post this it will be on the Internet.

Rebecca Williams said...

To 8:29 am:

Yes, the "I Gotta Feeling" music was used in a campaign video made by a supporter last year--that supporter has since been "schooled" by YouTube, and the video was taken down. It was good while it lasted. Other music was licensed for use.