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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dan gets a flat tire, is it politics?

Two sharp pointy objects may be a coincidence. But three?
Are Plainfield politics getting physical?

Friends have teased me over the years that I should check under my car before starting it, especially after those times when I showed Assemblyman Jerry Green and Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs embarrassing themselves and Plainfield.

'Nah', sez I, 'this is America, ain't nobody gonna mess with somebody's right to free speech'.

Should I reconsider?

Sunday afternoon, I parked directly in front of City Hall while spending some time at the New Dems campaign headquarters (508 Watchung, where everyone is invited for the election returns tomorrow night -- it's
next door to Blackberry's restaurant).

When I left, I drove to a convenience store to get a soda. Coming out of the store, I noticed my right rear tire seemed to be getting soft. The air pump at the store's gas station was out of service.

By the time I walked back to the car, the tire was flat. So, I pulled out the toy Toyota's dinky but serviceable jack, and exchanged the big flat tire for the tiny spare tire in the trunk.

When I pulled the flat off the axle, there were three perfectly spaced sharp metal objects puncturing the tire. Accidental?

In Plainfield, the weekend of a contested primary?

As I tidied up and started to get in the car to leave, a Union County cop parked next to me and ran into the convenience store briefly. Something about his squad car caught my attention.

Car 54, where were you?

Car 54, where were you when I needed you?

Meanwhile, I guess I have to start checking under my car before starting up the engine.

At least until Wednesday.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

You can put "THUGS" in a suit but you can't replace that thug mentality. People who resort to these tactics have been in power for long enough in Plainfield and that is why we are in the position we are in. I will decide who I am voting for by eliminating the candidate whose fliers and videos have the most grammatical errors. That certainly says a lot about the candidates. By the way Dan, have you noticed how many of the fliers have similar language to The Scarlet Letter?...just saying.

Anonymous said...

Now you are blaming your flat tires on Jerry Green?

I know I made the right decision to vote for Tony!

Anonymous said...

So would you like us to come out to support you on June 27? How come you haven't mentioned your court date on the blog?